Top 10 Affordable Promotional Products Startups Can Use

Affordable promotional products

Most of the startup companies do not have enough marketing budget. The small businesses, which are testing their strengths in their niche markets, are uncertain of the consumers’ response.

Since most of the products or services offered by startups are new to the consumers, they respond in a very cautious way. However, distribution of affordable promotional products is a perfect marketing strategy for it involves only a smaller budget and consumer response is usually positive and quick.

Many studies have shown the marketers the worth of promotional products in reaching out to the audience and creating brand awareness.

According to the Promotional Products Association International, an overwhelming majority to the extent of 83% like to receive promotional products with an advertising message. This stat should boost your confidence in distributing the merchandise to the people with your logo.

In addition, the study says that 85% of the consumers who received promotional products do business with the advertiser.

If you are interested in knowing about the longevity of the merchandise with the consumers, then know that 58% of the recipients of keep the gift items with them for one year to four years, according to the study.

This means that the people will have your company’s logo printed on the items in front of their eyes for a many more months to come.

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Marketers have concerns about the brand recall value of their advertisements, etc marketing tactics. The survey reveals that 89% of the recipients can recall the name of the advertiser on the promotional products.

These stats reveal that the gift items for business promotion have the power of attracting the consumers toward your startup business. Moreover, startups do not have to allocate greater budget as most of the promo items can be bought at very cheap prices online for mass distribution.

However, like all the strategies, you should make a promotional product marketing plan for the desired results. First, you must know your target audience.

The promotional items you will distribute should be able to communicate with the recipients, which are your target consumers also. So, research a bit about your clients and customers to know their social, financial and other backgrounds.

Remember that once you know the audience well, you can then pick right promotional merchandise that your target audience will find useful for daily use.

Some marketers make the mistake of buying and distributing the standard promotional stuff like custom mugs, pens, notepads and bookmarks, etc. Even if you give away these things, people will accept but they are unlikely to respond with excitement and emotion.

Here are some quick tips for buying perfect promotional products for distribution.

Buy really good and useful promotional products that your audience will like. This will drive the consumers to your business, as they need the useful gifts. They will spread the word about your business after you made them happy with the gift.

You can even take initiative to ask your audience about the promotional products they would like to have. Make sure that your promotional products add value to your brand and business.

Avoid buying a huge amount of the products. You may not be using all of them at a time and rest of the products will be sitting in your office room for use next time.

When distributing your promotional products, try to build a face-to-face relationship with the recipients. Your aim should be to create relationships and not merely the contacts.

A majority of startups face the tight budgetary situation as their biggest challenge when they plan to invest in promotional merchandise. They have mostly no option than to look for low-priced promo items to enhance their market reach.

A solution could be that they buy inexpensive online gifts such as a special promo code that the consumers can use when contacting the company or when requesting for a product demo.

Buy promotional products that are inexpensive, useful but impactful. For example, you can distribute colorful pens having your brand colors, thermal drinkware, protective cases, etc that your consumers will use daily. Such products will increase the visibility of your logo.

So, Here Are 10 Of The Affordable Promotional Products That Your Startup

1.Stic Pen

Your consumers will love to have the stic pen such as ballpoint stic pen for clear and consistent writing. They will keep the pen with them for many days. Print your startup’s logo design for your brand visibility.

2.Grocery Tote Bags

With grocery tote bag design, your consumers will be carrying your small company’s logo everywhere they go for shopping. They will become a walking advertising board for your brand.

3.Baseball Stress Balls

Stress balls are in demand for diverting the attention from daily chores of life for a moment and this helps in keeping the stress levels low. Baseball stress balls will relieve your customers and clients from stress in a playful way.

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4.On-The-Go USB Charger

USB chargers are useful promotional merchandise that you can confidently giveaway to your potential customers for daily use. Make sure to customize the charger with your logo.

5.Silicon Cell Phone Sleeve

The phone sleeve is affordable but highly useful merchandise for daily use as the consumers can store their credit cards, ID, key card, smartphone.

6.Bike Bottles

These easy –to-open bottles are useful for bikers when they need to have a quick energy drink or simple water to rejuvenate their energies. Customize the bottle with your brand logo and pick the bottle of your brand colors.

7.Hand Sanitizers

Antibacterial hand sanitizers are essential for keeping harmful germs from your hands to be free from various diseases.

8.Computer Mouse Pads

Every household and office has computers with mouse pads, which help in maneuvering the mouse smoothly. The mouse pad has a larger area on which your startup logo and its brand message can be printed elaborately. Your logo on the pad will be visible to the user on daily basis.

9.Mini Flashlight Tool Key Chain

The mini flashlight took key chain works as a key chain with a flashlight and a tool for any emergency use. Your consumers can tag their keys of cars, home and office with this multipurpose key chain.

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10.Smooth Stadium Cups

Your startup can target potential customers who visit the stadium for an event of sports or simply social gatherings. People love to sip beverages at such events and you can increase your brand visibility by distributing the smooth stadium cups with your logo of the company.

All such promotional products can be bought in huge quantities as their prices are within your reach. Most of these items are affordable for the new businesses as the items cost less than one dollar. Buy the items that have your brand colors and print your company’s logo before distributing to the audience.

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