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Anggara Ts

Art is a language that helps people of all ages, races, communities, and ethnicities to communicate with each other without having to speak. The artists seek inspiration from nature, the universe, history, surroundings, experiences, and many other things. This time, PrintShop by Designhill brings you an artist from the lush land of Indonesia, a vibrant country with the largest population of youngsters who are thriving each day to contribute towards its development.

Anggara Ts, our featured artist of the week, is an illustrator who loves to design logos, sketches, videos, and other creative stuff. The artworks created by him showcase nature, majestic animals, and superheroes.

When We Asked Him About How He Started His Artistic Journey, He Said:

“Indonesia is a young and busy country, and that makes our everyday lifestyle quite fast and active. It is a land of beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing coast lines brimming with people dressed up in colorful attires. I love being a part of this country. I started studying art in 2008 and did my majors in visual communication design. To me, art is a gateway to explore unlimited possibilities of things that are not real but equally fascinating. It helps me to indulge in creating something unique, which adds value to my skills. I love to explore new things and learn more skills that help me add unique elements to my artworks.”

Anggara leads a simple and artistic life, and PrintShop dug deeper to know about his journey as an artist. Here Is A Glance Of PrintShop’s Conversation With Anggara Ts

PrintShop: What is your process of creating a piece of Artwork, and what Tools and Techniques do you use?

Anggara Ts: I start with brainstorming and seeking inspiration from objects and activities around me. I then make hand-drawn sketches and keep improving them until I give it my best shot.

After completing the sketching process, I then convert it to digital art using software including affinity, manga studio, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

PrintShop: How do you find Inspiration, and what do you do to stay creative?

Anggara Ts: For an artist, every day and everything he/she sees becomes an inspiration to create something unique yet familiar to the audience.

It helps me create different pieces of artwork and represent my perspective to see things. Apart from my inspiration from daily life, I also seek creative ideas through dribble, Behance, and Pinterest.

PrintShop: Did you face any challenges in your Artistic Journey? If yes, how did you overcome it?

Anggara Ts: Yes, of course. I have faced many challenges as an Artist, and it helps me to learn more Artistic Skills. I keep upgrading my skills, but I still maintain the visual style of my design, besides updating my modern design style.

PrintShop: What is the best advice you have gotten as an Artist or the essential thing you have learned?

Anggara Ts: I have been associated with art for many years now, and the most important thing I have learned is to love what you are doing rather than focusing on the result. Keep learning and improving your skills to become better as an artist.

Check out her latest work on PrintShop.

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