Being An Artist – Yuli Yap

Being An Artist - Yuli Yap

Art is a language, culture, imagination, fantasy, feeling and emotion with no limit. The only limit is the limit of the world. PrintShop by Designhill is delighted to present an inspiring story of an autistic cum full-time artist through our series – Being An Artist. Meet Yuli Yap hailing from Kuala Lumpur who has evolved his pain into art and drew it into his fantasy world.

Yuli Yap has always been on the creative side since he was a child. He went through realization when he was struggling to overcome his 9 to 5 routine job while working as an intern.

One day, he made his mind to follow his childhood dream and give a new but different approach to his life struggles through his art love.

Today, he’s working as a full-time artist where he creates artwork based on his imaginary world and sells on the online marketplace, PrintShop.

It’s a print-on-demand marketplace where anyone can discover & buy 50+ unique products, gifts & artwork created by 150+ artists from more than 180 countries around the world.

It’s an online marketplace where 100+ new artworks are uploaded every minute to provide the new shopping vibes for customers.

PrintShop admires such artists who take a step to follow their passion and work unconditionally to fulfill their dreams.

Hence, we got in touch with him and asked about his artistic journey as well as struggles. He said,

“I always have had a different lifestyle compared to other people. I have high functioning autism. Therefore, dealing with people has always been difficult for me. So, I drew my struggles and innermost fears into my fantasy world and gave them an artistic touch. Yes, my art has evolved into a life of its own. Thanks to isolation and my different approach to life through autism. I have always been a creative side since I was a child. I realized this when I started interning once in an office and found out the corporate 9 to 5 life was just not for me. It was too regimented and stressful. It didn’t relate to my inner resonance. And it felt like high time to follow my love for art and get passionate about it. Then, I started working on my art skills and today, I’m a full-time happy artist”.

PrintShop: What’s your process of creating a piece of artwork and what tools and techniques do you use?

Yuli: I do background research on the initial concept that I would like to execute. From there, I do a rough sketch, fill in the details and commence the coloring process.

I work with many mediums ranging from acrylics to pen & ink, to markers and digital. My favorite medium though is markers and digital.

PrintShop: How do you find inspiration and stay creative?

Yuli: I am influenced mostly by my hobbies / personal interests ranging from movies, tv serials, comics, story books, video games, music, street culture, skate boarding, ancient history, and ancient mythologies / folklore.

I am most creative when I’m quite relaxed especially when I withdraw into my own world. I go for walks and take up sports that are high adrenaline that keep me on the edge.

Apart from this having a high coffee buzz on ice-blended frappuccinos or 3 cups of pure tea which is the magic number to stimulate into the right zone. ROFL.

PrintShop: Did you face any challenges in your artistic journey? If yes, How did you overcome it?

Yuli: Whenever learning a new medium it can be quite challenging to get the hang of getting control over it. I tend to obsess about perfection having OCD and I have learned to find ways to get the work done in a more fluid, loose style. I am still learning constantly.

PrintShop: What is the best advice you’ve gotten as an artist or the most important thing you’ve learned?

Yuli: Art should reflect your inner soul. Art is a form of self-expression. Having passion, and feel are important. The moment you overthink, obsess about perfection, your art will suffer. It has to be loose, fluid, just like water.

Check out his latest work on PrintShop.

Visit Yuli Yap Shop

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