How To Choose Right Fonts For Logo Design

How To Choose Right Fonts For Logo Design

Logo designers pay extra attention to selection of colors and fonts. These two elements are the most sought-after by the designers. Both these elements are basics that professionals keep in mind to send a message of a particular business and company to its targeted audience. Any wrong choice of color can distort the logo image while a faulty font can ruin the prospects of logo.

Here are some handy points about the colors & fonts for logo design:

Color selection is in fact an art, which means that the designer has to master the technique and thoughts behind picking up a certain color. Successful logo designers have the talent for choosing right colors and is one of their strengths.

But how a designer selects the colors? Majority of the logo creators have accepted that their color selection comes from the ideas they get while interviewing their clients to know about their business. The information also is available from creative design brief by the clients.

Many other factors also are basis for choosing a color for logo design. Demographics is a leading factor since each reason has its own preferences of colors. Branding image of the business also helps in selection of the color. Some colors have specific moods, emotions and other things associated with them and that shapes perception of the viewers.

Similarly, selection of fonts for logo design also depends on lots of factors and every designer has own favorite fonts. A famous logo designer likes to pair up a serif face with a sans-serif face that is contemporary. Many successful designers love type, so if they come across a new one on a professional website such as Veer or FontHaus, they will keep it for use in a new project.

To conclude, each logo designer has own way of selection of colors and fonts. But everyone considers business message in picking up a color or font.

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