Designhill Sponsors Small Today’s Instagram Success Summit

Insta Success Summit Sponsored by Designhill

Is your Business on Instagram yet? 

If you haven’t started using Instagram for your business, you’re missing out. Not only on product awareness, but definitely sales and profit as well. That’s why we want you to be the first to know about this year’s premier Instagram marketing event.
Learn from 30+ experts on how to grow your tribe, get leads and more sales from Instagram at the Instagram Success Summit, an online conference running from June 7-10
As an official sponsor of the event, we’ve been given a small amount of free tickets to give away to our readers, so make sure you get yours now.

Did you know….

  • Instagram has 58 times more engagement than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter 
  • Just 36% of marketers are on Instagram. Facebook, on the other hand, is almost at full capacity with 93% 
  • The average order value of engaged followers are worth $10 more on Instagram than Facebook

These are facts that not many business owners know. Most businesses are focused on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as many are hesitant to take on the visual format of Instagram. 

Meanwhile Instagram is growing, and its growing quickly. It still holds an amazing opportunity for you to get ahead of your competition.
Think about it: how many platforms give you that opportunity today? 
The amazing lineup of entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants etc. are all driving a huge amount of leads through Instagram. 
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Here’s what will be shared at the event.

  • How to convert followers (and likes) into email list subscribers
  • How to post great images despite not having creative skills
  • A simple system to integrate Instagram into your day
  • How to sell services on Instagram
  • How to get more clients in your local area
  • How to use Instagram for lead generation in B2B
  • How to create engagement without the feel of a marketing push (the secret sauce)
  • How to build a community of like minded followers 

According to the host, Liam Austin, half of the 30+ sessions are already recorded and do you know what he was most surprised about? 

The Revenue these Entrepreneurs are making directly from Instagram It’s way more than you’d think.
So think about it……..!!!
If you’re not making the most of Instagram – are you leaving money on the table?
Since this is an online-only event, there’s no need to worry about expensive flights or accommodation – just attend from the comfort of your home or office.
Our friends over at Small Today have set aside a block of complimentary tickets to the Instagram Success Summit specially for Designhill Blog Subscribers.


Want more leads for your business, secure your free ticket to this event now.

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By Rituraj Gill

Raj is working with Designhill as a Strategic Alliances, Affiliates & Marketing Communications Manager. Part time Dreamer, Full-time Realist. Technology Monger & Pen Revolutionary. Likes turning simple things complex. A firm believer in going out, grinding & making it happen.