Graphic Design Trends That Will Rock The World In 2022

Graphic Design Trends

Every passing year, we experience a fresh set of changes happening in the world of graphic designs. This is because of the intense competition in the $36 billion industry. Everyone, right from graphic designers to businesses, seems to be busy creating personal and memorable experiences to catch the attention and interest of users. Since the purpose of creating graphical elements such as logo designs, website designs, etc. is to engage and convert viewers, a number of fresh and innovative graphic design trends continue to pour in every year.

In 2022, the graphic design industry is likely to witness even more dramatic changes, many of which have been building up over the months and will be seen in their full strength in the coming days.

Here Are The Graphic Design Trends That Will Rock The World

01. Designs For Users

Graphic design trends will be more centered around designs that specially focus on rich user experience. The UX designs will be centered on the usefulness of design and people will rate only such design as cool. In 2022, businesses will bring to the fore graphic designs that offer personalized and memorable user experience.

Remember, the trend of user-centered design is fast catching up and you can rest assured that your sales will drop if users find your designs complicated and less friendly in the year ahead.

02. Responsive Design

According to a report by, mobile usage is set to outdo desktop usage in the year to come. It is important to ensure that your graphic designs respond well to the small screens of smartphones.

Remember, most consumers now prefer browsing the Internet on their mobile devices. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say you’ll have no other choice than to make your graphic design products mobile-friendly in 2022.

In fact, Google has already announced that sites that are not responsive to mobile devices, will lose the rat race of ranking in the future. The conventional attitude of one-size-fits-all has already become a thing of the past. Quite obviously, you’ll need to ensure that all your graphic design trends are fully responsive in 2022.

03. Innovative App Design

Whether you want to shop, socialize, party, or book a cab, you have an app for that! It seems as if the world is fast moving towards an app-driven market. In 2022, we’re likely to see graphic designers come out with innovative and useful designs for mobile apps.

This is because people spend most of their time on mobile apps now and they essentially look for and demand more personalized and creative experiences from the brands providing those apps. Designers are looking to take advantage of this situation. And that’s why we’re sure that you will see many innovative and trendsetting mobile app designs in the year to come.

04. Use Of Rich And Bold Colors

As far as colors are concerned, graphic designers may go back to a bygone era in their choice of colors. Experts are of the view that the rich and bold colors of the ’80s and ’90s may make a comeback.

Interior designers have already introduced bold colors and have converted it into a major trend. This will soon percolate to graphic design works including website design.

05. Focus On Creating Unique Shapes

A major change that expected to make waves this 2022 will be emergence of new shapes. Graphic designers are under growing pressure of creating something new that stands out and attracts people instantly. This quest for unique design will take them to creating new shapes, even odd ones.

The trend of unique shapes have already been explored in the logos of Tokyo Olympics, Clubish Dance Radio and Airbnb logos. These logos are just some of the many based on unique shapes.

Some well-informed and widely agreed-upon predictions of what graphic design trends will be popular in the year 2022. May be these major changes will rule graphic design trends in the coming days. But you should not wait for them to emerge fully on the scene. Instead, start considering changes in your ways of graphic designing to satisfy your clients.

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