Hand Lettering Basics: How To Unleash Your Creativity

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Every one of us may accept having funny bone at some point. But when it comes to checking up on our creative potential, we grow up believing that we don’t have any. Well, that’s not the case. Every human being is naturally creative. The creative power is distributed in every one of us and not just a few people.

With the force of commercialization followed by endless considerations and reporting on how well we do things, we’ve caught the disease of being right. This is where we all, especially creative artists, restrict the flow of our creative potential.

The ability to think creatively has become the building blocks of uniqueness. Whether it is needed at the workplace or as the part of a personal hobby, finding innovative as well as original ways to create something is key to success; and of course, personal growth. However, it’s challenging to harness the power of creativity when you need it the most. If you’re a hand lettering artist or typography expert, you understand it better, don’t you? You can’t wait or sit around until the inspiration sparks! Remember what Bruce Garrabrandt has to say — “Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” So, the next time you find yourself stuck in a rut, consider these helpful tips to unleash your creativity.

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Helpful Tips To Unleash Your Creativity

01. Whatever You Create, Create For Yourself In The First Place!

Whenever you find yourself struggling with ‘how to be creative,’ stop seeing your work from others’ perspective. You have to be your #1 fan first! Do whatever you have to do even if others don’t like it.

This practice frees you from the desire of pleasing your clients, audience or everyone else who’s going to see your work. For instance, if you’re creating decorative letters and fonts, create it for yourself first. You will form something unique to you, which can be shared with your audience afterwards. Ignore the judgmental voices that say your artwork isn’t great.

You need not be right when you kick off a creative project. The most important thing is that you show up and do the things that matter to you. For every creative piece, you have had seen; there are numerous questions and false starts. You can only trust your work if you shift your focus entirely on your work and getting it done and improving it with time. If needed, practice as much as you can as a little practice never hurts but makes you better.

Take your first creative work as an experiment. Don’t let others’ opinion weigh you down. Give yourself creative freedom.

02. Don’t Be Afraid To Take Help From Others

Many of the artists have a hard time asking for help. Whether it is hand lettering, typography or any graphic design project, we all get overwhelmed at time. But we often hesitate to reach out to others for help. And as we grow older, we forget to ask for help or lean on others.

We can’t be a jack of all trades! We don’t know everything, and we should accept this bitter truth. There are hand lettering artists, designers, and people who know far more than us about many things; and if you ask, they’ll not mind helping you out. So, don’t be afraid to seek out help.

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03. Ditch The Analytical Part & Focus On What You See

You’re creative! That’s fine, but how to be more creative? Getting glued to the “how” part is one of the most common phenomena. Here’s an idea — get a pencil, some paper, and take out just five minutes from your busy schedule. Start drawing or creating typefaces on the paper.

However, instead of focusing on what you are creating, focus on the movement of your hand. Don’t pick up your pencil for about five minutes; keep drawing.

Even though it’s challenging or you feel being little silly, it helps you to freshen up. Don’t focus on the results; just go with the flow. Remember Henry David Thoreau’s quote – It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

04. Have Patience And Keep Up What You’re Doing

Practice makes a man perfect. Overnight success is a fairy-tale; don’t expect it in the real world. Even if you’re a hand lettering artist, keep showing up to what you do for at least two years. Your creative work will start yielding results after that period. And, if you see results before it, BRAVO! That’s a bonus!

Here the secret mantra is — consistency.

05. Enjoy What You Do

Last but not least, enjoy the process of lettering or creating things that you take pleasures in. Turn down the noise around you and of course, put a silencing cap on the noises inside your head so that you could focus on creating and nothing else. Even if, you want to sell your art of typography on a platform, creativity is sought-after. So, it’s mandatory to bring your mind to peace.

Forget about likes, downloads, and views as well as email sign-ups. Create a typeface or anything for the sake of creating and nothing else. You will be rewarded afterwards; that’s sure!

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That’s it, folks! Be it hand lettering or any other segment of graphic designing, the world of creativity also has a threshold, and when this threshold is crossed, you need a heavy dose of inspiration. Consider the ideas expressed earlier to spark your creative side.

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