3 Tips Helps to Protect Your Company Logo Design

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Your company logo design is the product of tireless efforts from a professional logo designer and from you. Remember, you carefully considered many things during the designing of your company logo that now represents your firm’s vision, mission. It is a bridge between your company and the customers. It will represent your business for many years, possibly for decades. And this longevity is what every business owner aims at when sourcing a company logo.

Tips To Protect Your Company Logo

Use Your Company Logo Across Platforms

When it comes to protecting company logo design, certain vital guidelines must be followed, especially for its use across different platforms. You should spare some time to pen down values, vision and guidelines for your brand. So, before using your company logo on billboards, website, business cards and other marketing mediums, do well to heed your brand guidelines. Your staff, media, affiliates and other third parties will follow your instructions for use of your brand company logo. This way you can make sure that the desired impact of the logo on viewers is in place.

Use of Colors in Your Company Logo

One of these guidelines could be about the use of colors when using your logo. So, you can write details of each colors used in your company logo in order to have all those colors and hues for maximum impact.

Avoid Extra Empty Space in the Company Logo

Another important instruction is to ensure that too much empty space isn’t left around the logo when it’s printed or used online. Remember, it’s a vital rule. You should be aware of the fact that if the white space around a logo is crowded by text, graphics and other elements, it will be a huge distraction for viewers and the significance of your logo is lost. Give clear instruction of how space should be left around your logo, so that it is clearly visible and its importance can be shown to the viewers.

We’re sure these instructions will help you effectively use your logo to take your business and brand off the ground.

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