IFC Unveils Brand Refresh with New Logo Design

IFC Unveils Brand Refresh with New Logo Design. IFC has launched a new brand redesign encompassing a new logo design, a new look (on-air, online, in print – basically everywhere.), new on-air promotions and a fresh approach to how the network speaks to viewers and advertisers that better reflects the comedy channel’s “Always On Slightly Off” voice. The new logo design is more “Slightly Off” than the old one, and the removal of punctuation in the tagline saves time when writing the four words that define the uniquely IFC approach.

Commented Blake Callaway, IFC’s EVP of marketing & digital media: “After nearly four years it was time to give IFC a little facelift. The new brand design is not only a great look, but it also allows us to apply our uniquely offbeat sensibility to everything we do – show promotions, movie promos and even the boring stuff like ratings disclaimers will have our unique take.

“The brand refresh is also a chance to remind everyone that IFC is different. We think different is the way to be. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we like to keep things playful with no pretense or posing. Nothing is off limits as long as it’s funny and keeps people talking.”

Along with the new logo design, the IFC brand refresh includes a bold typography for primary messaging (“The Hero”), a subtle nod to the brand’s humor in a smaller font (“The Sidekick”) and a collection of IFC approved “Stamps” that certify every movie and show as an “Original,” “Brand New,” “Classic,” “Staff Pick,” or something to “Rewatch.”

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Promotional spots for fan-favorite movies will be told through the unique IFC “Slightly Off” take on comedy. Notable movie lines will get the IFC treatment in spots called “Air Quotes,” while others called “What Ifs” will re-imagine movies in a completely new context, as in “What if ‘Scarface’ was a sitcom?” Take a look: http://www.ifc.com/videos/scarface-a-sitcom-moment.

See How IFC Unveils Brand Refresh with New Logo Design.

IFC maintains the same approach to brand integrations and partnerships as it does everything else: the more unique and different, the better! Our audience knows they’re watching an ad so we have fun with it. One new sponsor offering, “30 Seconds of Cuteness,” places an advertiser’s product amidst a playful bunch of puppies (or kittens)… because who doesn’t love puppies (and kittens) and wouldn’t stop to watch them?! A second offering, “Commercial Replay,” is a back-to-back airing of a sponsor’s commercial with the second airing featuring “slightly off” IFC commentary. In keeping with this spirit, the network’s ad sales division is launching its own Twitter handle – @IFCAdSales – to communicate with clients about network successes, events and more.

IFC had already jettisoned the Independent Film Channel name as its programming focus continued to revolve around refreshingly offbeat comedies. The IFC brand refresh makes it official and arrives just in time for the new seasons of Maron and Comedy Bang! Bang! launching Thursday, May 8 and airing back-to-back for a full hour of comedy (10 and 10:30 pm ET/PT).

The IFC brand refresh was developed in partnership with NYC-based agency Gretel.

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About IFC

IFC sees things differently and so do our fans; we’re all “slightly off” and proud of it. The network’s slate of original comedies such as Portlandia, Maron and Comedy Bang! Bang! are complemented by fan-favorite movies and cult TV shows. IFC is “always on” in 73 million U.S. homes and select programming is available on IFC.com and other platforms. IFC is owned and operated by AMC Networks Inc. alongside AMC, SundanceTV and WE tv. For more information visit press.ifc.com. IFC: Always On Slightly Off.

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