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It is not that easy as many think to know about who exactly is a client’s competition is when design a business logo. In their design brief, many clients do tell about the competition and the competitors, but their assessment may not be correct. It is the designer’s job, therefore, to find out who is the real competitor of the client so that necessary elements can be incorporated in the logo.

Let’s check out how to design a business logo in a competitive market.

Design A Business Logo

Competitors are of two types – direct and indirect. A direct competitor is an organization that sells the same services or products as offered by your client. The market also is the same for both of them. An example of direct competitors is of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. In the soft drink market, they are direct competitors since they target the same market with the same cola drink.

An indirect competitor also matters a lot when you wish to know about the competition. Any organization that offers a brand, services or product that are somewhat similar to your client’s offerings is an indirect competitor selling in the same market. For example, Coca-Cola and Evian, the mineral water producer from France both produce the drinks but the products are different. So, they are indirect competitors.

Another aspect of knowing your client’s competition is to understand their current identities in the market so that you can create a different one for your client. You should design a business logo that stands out.

Make sure that when you analyze the competitors’ logos, pay attention to the colors incorporated in them and the imagery used. Keep all such information safe with you for its use in future when you will be convincing your client over the relevance of your logo design.

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You should devote time to the main competitors of your clients and not all of them. Just have a close watch on their logo designs and make efforts to design a business logo with unique concept using the information you gathered about your client’s business.

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