Top 5 Major Design Trend Observations For 2022

Design Trend Observations

When we talk of web design trends, a wide range of features come to mind. You can find out larger navigational buttons in varied shape and sizes on modern websites. Today’s websites must be responsive as well to accommodate the customers or visitors who use smartphones, laptops etc. devices for information and shopping. Scrolling has stayed as a trend for past few years due to its ease of scanning the information. Some websites created photos in the shape of cards on the home page and it was surely a different design.

Similarly, flat-design was the talking point for past two years and as a trend it peaked last year.

Some experts still see a bright future for flat-designs but a majority of them are not sure about the trend continuing in 2022 and instead many other ways to make a website useful and attractive are likely to dominate. In fact, we can name many more such website design trends that grabbed our attention last year.

Here, We Will Discuss The Key Web And Graphic Design Trends That Are Likely To Prevail In 2022

01. Huge Images

In the last year, the trend of incorporating big images at the top of websites had started and it soon picked up as it was considered useful in conveying a site’s message without putting too many words.

Plus, the site looked neat and clean as well as clutter-free due to absence of greater amount of text. In 2022, the trend is expected to continue with images being even bigger than the previous year

02. Flatish Design Instead Of Flat Design

For the last two years, flat design was the buzz word amongst the design fraternity. However, the designers are now more interested in incorporating the elements that give flat design a real look. So, while the flat design elements are still there, the emphasis is likely to be on making the picture look worldly.

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03. Storytelling

Content is once again making a comeback after emphasis on images. But this time, it is in the form of stories and tales about how a business evolved and what hurdles it faced before achieving success and what are its vision, missions and values etc.

The purpose of storytelling is to evoke the desired emotions from the viewers and to emotionally involve them in the company’s business.

04. High-End Typography

Due to easy access to high quality typefaces on the web, and many of them being free of charge, the designers are now more creatively incorporating these stylish fonts. We can expect spectacular high-end typefaces this year on websites thanks to the wide ranging choices of fonts on the web.

05. Background Videos

Last year, we saw almost every website had large images. Then, the websites started incorporating videos in the background space to make presentation of their business even more impressive.

Cheap and wide access to broadband is seen as the reason behind the videos taking the background space. This year, the videos will be even more spectacular.

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So, these are the key design trends observations that are going to follow in the year 2022. Consider these trends when designing a website for your business.

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