How To Make Positive Changes In Your Website Design


Do you have a website that is not working for your business as it has failed in bringing the increasing number of customers? In such cases, websites need some rethinking on their designing part and a professional designer should be summoned up to make the necessary changes. But what are those changes that can bring back your customers to your website?

Here are the points to make positive changes in your website design:


First, see if you have a polished and professional-looking logo of your company and is it there on the top of your homepage or not. When a website has a logo, it generates confidence in the visitors due to the symbol being the sign of a genuine company website. If you do not have the logo, a professional logo designer or a website designer can create the one for you.


A useful website is known for its easy navigational buttons. Purpose of navigation buttons or links is to make accessing the website pages easier for the users. Main navigation options should be in your horizontal menu bar at the top of your website. The secondary navigation links should be underneath the main navigation bar or at the side of the bar. But do not put navigational links to less significant pages at that will be the unnecessary distraction for your users.


Is your website visually overloaded with several images? If so, then remove all those images that are not so important as they are a major distraction that takes the customers away from your main business of selling products or services. Just keep those images that are unavoidable for conveying some relevant information.

Breathing Space

An ideal website lets the users or visitors have some relief to their eyes while they search information. This implies that your web design must have enough space between images and paragraphs. This breathing space is necessary to have in a website to help the visitors navigate through your site in a friendly manner.

These are some of the changes that you should be making on your website so that it works well for your business.

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By John Kash

I am John Kash from London(UK), a designer having over 5 years experience.My work specialization are logo design, graphic design, Calender Design, Newspaper Ads Design, business cards design, clothing design, social page design & blogging is my keen interest. Twitter | Google+ | Pinterest

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