20 Super Creative Bicycle Logo Design Ideas For Inspiration

Bicycle Logo

Do you want to start a business making or selling bikes? Like many other niches, this industry too has cut-throat competition, and you’ll have to stand out from your competitors to establish yourself. However, having an impressive bicycle logo could be an effective marketing strategy to drive your target audiences’ attention toward your brand. But before setting out to create your logo, take a look at different inspirational logos.

Your bicycle business has many competitors vying with each other to acquire a considerable market share. They are competing to catch people’s eye so that they can be converted into buyers and then loyal customers. But drawing their attention is not an easy task.

So, make sure that your bicycle logo is impressive and unique. It will be visible to your potential customers everywhere on your signboard, business card, website, leaflets, and other marketing materials and advertisement campaign. Therefore, the logo must be an impressive visual identity.

Here Are Some Creative Bicycle Logo Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

01. Evol Bike

It is a modern logo design, created with minimum use of lines and circles. This is also how modern bicycles look. So, this is an excellent logo with no additional design features. Only two colors (orange and dark blue) are used to present a contrasting effect to the eyes. You can also notice that the first wheel gives the impression of the letter ‘e’ of the brand’s first letter.

02. Orange Bike

Since the brand name is Orange Bike, the designer thought it fit to shape up the wheels in two half-sliced oranges. This is the way to match the brand name with the design for obvious conveying of the message. The green color of the cycle here stands for a healthy and environment-friendly ride.

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03. Warrior Cycling

This bicycle logo projects the Warrior brand of cycling as a solid and trustworthy that people can rely on for long-distance riding in rough conditions. The red color evokes the passion and aggression required for bicycle racing.

04. Abrasive

This logo is for an e-bike brand, and therefore, it has the electricity symbol in orange in the middle. You can also see the cycle chain in green in a circular shape.

05. BikeWalkHome

The BikeWalkHome bicycle logo design is unique for using a bike rider at the top of the brand name. So, it looks like the cyclist is riding on the road back home. The logo is for a website, so it looks good on the top corner of the web pages.

06. BigIsland

This multicolored logo shows the environment of an island to represent the brand name Big Island Electric Bike Co. Orange, green and blue colors give this design a unique look, with an image of a bicycle in the middle.

07. Veloscity

This logo features a bicycle from a bygone era when the vehicle was first introduced. It is a simple logo, designed with a few lines, making it a unique brand’s visual identity. Such retro elements from the bygone era in a vintage logo help build a great perception about a brand, which becomes an identity of the brand.

08. Motocross

The Motocross logo is for an adventure club, and so the bike is shown in an aggressive pose. There is the use of multiple colors of blue, orange, white, and black to make the logo impressive and unique.

09. YBGuy

The logo designer used the typography beautifully to create the motorbike, with the brand name shaping up the bike figure. Since the brand name is Yellow Backpack Guy, the designer not only made the logo in yellow, but the backpack also is in the same color. Gray color lets yellow become dominant in the design.

10. Life Outside

This brand is about adventure bike sports, and the designer depicts it by creating a cyclist jumping over a hurdle. The red color stands for the passion and aggression involved in this sport.

11. Itemit

A minimalist design features only the bare essential elements in a logo to convey the brand message, and this Itemit logo does that perfectly. There is just a bicycle and the brand name underneath. Then, a slop and a balancing block in blue say what the company does.

12. BikeLabs

Many logo designers take inspiration from the brand name itself in coming up with a unique design concept, and this  business logo is no exception. Since the word lab is in the company name, the designer created an ECG pattern as part of the bicycle shape. The use of green and black gives the logo a unique look.

13. Victorian

The Victorian Cycles logo features a retro design cycle, and the lettering and the overall appearance of the design also remind us of the bygone era. So, the designer wanted to evoke authority and trust by creating the design in the old classic era of history.

14. Hard Ride

This unique bicycle logo design uses flames to convey its brand message. With the excessive use of red, the designer conveys the aggressiveness, passion, and adventure involved in bike riding.

15. Leaf Bikes

The designer incorporated a big leaf as part of the design because of the brand’s name ‘Leaf Bikes’. The green color presents an eye-pleasing contrast against the black and makes the design look impressive and unique.

16. Chains

You need to focus a bit more time on this company’s logo to figure out that there is a bicycle rider hidden in the design. The big letters of the word Chain make the back of the rider, and then you can sport the head and hands as well.

17. Breakfast

It’s a unique bicycle logo design inspired by the bygone era. The retro effect of using an old-fashioned bicycle and a delivery man helps build a perception that the breakfast brand is trustworthy.

18. Overflow

Here, the overwhelming use of red shows the aggression involved in bicycle sports. The circle in the front stands for the tire and fast movements during the racing events.

19. Speed Way

This is the logo for the first national championship held in California in 1967 but is in circulation on promotional items such as custom t-shirts. The logo consists of a motorcycle word in bold letters at the top instead of the championship name.

20. Tenterfield

This logo has a bicycle rider and a mountain in the background, depicting the spirit of adventure. The designer created it using retro elements with the brand name in big letters in the middle.

So, these inspirational bicycle logos give you an idea of what your logo should look like when you set out to create one such design.

How to create a bicycle logo with a logo maker?

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You should provide information about your choice of colors, fonts, styles, and cycle icons. Then, the logo generator comes up with plenty of bicycle logo ideas. You can pick any logo and customize it further to suit your brand personality.

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Wrapping Up

Your bicycle logo for business or sports and adventure activity should be an impressive design that drives people’s attention. These inspirational bicycle logos showcase the design elements that go well with logos from this sports or business field. You can notice the colors, fonts, and other elements that you can use in creating your own logo.


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