The Secrets To A Quality Restaurant Logos

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Anyone who owns or runs a restaurant must wear many different hats.  They not only have to ensure that food tastes and looks good, they also need to be logistical managers, purchasers, accountants, and marketers among other things. While the idea of the restaurant may have been inspired by a desire to cook fabulous recipes, no restaurant without a few good marketing strategies will be able to survive in this highly competitive world.

While these logos may not be the primary focus of your business, it is important to keep in mind the words of Paul Andrew of Specky Boy, “The right restaurant logo can get your mouth watering before you even see the menu.”

The importance of a well-designed restaurant logos cannot be overstated for the success of your business.  It gives your clientele something visible to connect to your restaurant and can stimulate business even when you’re not.

Below Are the Secrets to a Quality Restaurant Logos:

The Importance Of A Custom Logo Design

It is important to understand the full purpose of a custom logo design and how it can work to draw your customers in.  For the layman in marketing design, it is difficult to understand a logo as anything more than a cute design sometimes doing something fancy with letters or symbols. But for the real marketing designer, a logo must do much more than that.

A quality logo will be easily associated with your restaurant even without the fancy lettering.  It should become something so familiar that when people see it, they will automatically associate your business with the symbol.

In short, it is a way to establish some form of brand recognition that will keep your restaurant name in the minds of everyone who sees it.

Keep in mind that the restaurant business is extremely competitive and chances are your competitors have already been actively working to put their name well out in front of the public’s eyes.

For this reason, you should give extra care not just to how your restaurant logos look but the actual purpose it must accomplish for it to be effective at representing your business and become a helping hand in making your business a brand.

According to Logo Design experts, Design Your Way, “The logos have a certain theme, depending on the type of restaurant, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, and Chinese or based on certain types of food, like seafood or pizza. That’s why you will see visual elements like chopsticks, sushi-related objects, pasta or others from the cultural pool.”

In order for your restaurant logos design to be appealing, you must take into consideration all of the many elements involved in creating one. That includes images, colors, size, and even texture.

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The Importance Of Color

Most people do not consider color an important aspect of quality logo design. So, when it comes to choosing restaurant logos for menus or business cards, they are more inclined to choose colors that they like rather than something that will stimulate the customer to respond.

However, color has a major role in the design element of restaurant logos.  This lack of understanding can lead to poor color combinations that can give your design an amateurish look that will eventually have a negative impact on your business.

Depending on the feelings you want to emote, there are many things you’ll have to keep in mind to ensure that you send the right message.

Here Is A Brief List Of The Emotions That Certain Colors Are Associated With:

  1. Pink: Feminine, Innocence, Beauty
  2. Purple: Royalty, Luxury, Elegance
  3. Green: Nature, Renewal, Plenty
  4. Yellow: Happiness, Innovation, Caution
  5. Black: Authority, Power, Elegance, Sophistication
  6. Red: Passion, Love, Anger, Excitement
  7. Blue: Professionalism, Trust, Loyalty
  8. Orange: Playful, Happy, Energetic
  9. White: Peaceful, Spiritual, Clean
  10. Brown: Solid, Masculine, Earthy

If you take the time to think a little about these different colors, you’ll soon recognize the connection of colors to restaurant logos in creating your own brand recognition.  As Alexis Stone advises logo designers, “It is crucial for designers to understand the meaning of color and its impact on design.  Lack of understanding can result in undeveloped and redundant color combinations, which can label you as an amateur. As a graphic designer, you must study, research and find ways to use colors to bring your designs to life.”

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Creating good restaurant logos is not as simple as many may believe.  Just as with the attention you must give to the selection of colors for your logo, you need to give the same attention to every other aspect of your design creation.

If you’re not entirely sure of how to create a logo that will get your restaurant recognized, it may be best to seek the help of professional designers who can create an image that will reach far beyond your wildest expectations.

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