Tips For Selection Of Right Typeface For Logo Design

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Typeface is a crucial design element in creating a logo. The designers make sure that the fonts represent a client’s business adequately. However, selection of one typeface out of hundreds of them is a difficult task even for the professionals. So, here are some tips that can help you incorporate only an appropriate font.

Typeface in a logo design is used mainly for a company name and some slogans. One of the advantages of text logos is it provides information about the company name and what business it does. The customers know the company and its business directly just by looking at the logo. The company’s business values are also stated in the logo and so the audience can read and grasp them. This is the reason that many global brands have text based logos.

For small businesses, use of typeface in logo design is a cheaper way to market the company. Since the company name is very much visible on the logo itself, the logo becomes a marketing tool and this saves additional money on marketing of the company’s business.

Select a font that looks great alongside of your logo. This is important because the font must compliment to the shape of your logo design and the idea it represents. For instance, a formal business like that of an attorney’s office would need a formal looking font in caps. Similarly, a children’s clothing store logo could incorporate casual and friendly looking font with lowercase letters. But avoid too funky or illustrative fonts. Such fonts can compromise the legibility of your logo.

Make sure that you use fonts in legal way. Read the font licensing agreement for the fonts you select for your logo. It is important that you have the rights for use of the fonts. You must be aware of the user agreement section that tells about commercial use of the fonts. Remember that ‘Free’ fonts do not mean that you can use them commercially.

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