Top 5 Affordable Tools for Creating Inspiring Infographic Design


Information graphics, popularly known as infographics, are graphical representation of information, data or knowledge to make the otherwise complex information in an entertaining, quick and easy to comprehend. But what makes infographics so popular?

It is the process of creativity and the entertaining, visual illustration of a concept that makes infographic design top the popularity charts amongst a large percentage of people. Quite expectedly, infographics are becoming increasingly popular with both large and small enterprises.

Top 5 Handy and Affordable Tools for Creating Infographic Design Without Spending Too Much Time and Fortune

  1. Piktochart

With pre-programmed themes, over 1,000 images and the ability to share your infographic, Piktochart tops the popularity charts amongst graphic designers worldwide. This useful resource is available in both free and paid versions.

If you are a novice and don’t wish to spend on creating infographics, go with the free package, where you’ll be able to use the templates and 20 uploaded images.

On the other hand, if you wish to make your infographic a little more appealing and professional, go for the paid package, where you’ll be able to use icons, privacy controls and over 200 uploaded images for as low as $29 a month.


  1. Canva

Yet another popular resource, Canva offers a free, simple to use platform that contains hundreds of fonts and millions of images to incorporate in your infographics.

Canva allows you to incorporate premium images for $1 each. In addition, you can edit the photos right within the program. Also, you can share and edit your infographics.


  1. Venngage

Like Canva and Piktochart, Venngage also ranks alongside some of the most useful resources for graphic designers from across the globe. Hosting a number of free features, Venngage offers themes, templates, charts and icons to ensure that you are able to craft a creative infographic.

The awesome themes include reports, presentations and professional posters. In addition, Venngage also allows you to upload images from the web or your personal computer into the infographic.


  1. Visme

Dubbed as one of the most trusted resources, Visme allows businesses to create infographics with a plethora of images and templates. If you’re using the free version, you can make three infographic projects and use 100 MB of storage space.

In addition, you can also publish or download your infographic as JPGs images. And in case, you’re using the paid version, you can enjoy a range of added benefits and features for just $5 a month.

The paid version allows you access to all charts and infographic widgets, get premium support and 250 MB of storage space.


  1. Sprites

Sprites is yet another popular resource that allows you to create an interactive infographic. This handy resource allows you to turn your infographic into an interesting video.

The infographics designed on Sprites are fully scalable and ready for almost all devices including IOS enabled iPhones and iPads. In addition, Sprites allows you to take your pick from a number of themes and images without any charges.

For $6 per month, Sprites provides you Google Analytics integration, the ability to upload custom themes and password protection on your infographic design.


No matter what website you pick, just remember a great infographic tells a story in an interesting way and never fails to impress, both visually and contextually. And if you are all set to create an attention-grabbing infographic, read our blog on how to create attention-grabbing Infographics design.

Apart from having an amazing infographic design, brands are more keen towards video marketing. For that, there are many tools to create interactive videos.


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