What Information Should Go in Business Cards?

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Many business cards provide lots of information to the customers. But is that a right approach? Experts believe that there is no point in bombarding the clients with heaps of information in a tiny space of the card.

This is because customers do not look for plenty of details on business cards, they have many other places to know more about your company and its business.

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The main purpose of a business card is to introduce your business in a formal manner. When you introduce yourself to a stranger, you only provide very limited information such as your name; your profession etc.

Similar is the case with the content that you wish to provide in your business cards. The content should only introduce your business to the customers.

Do not make the mistake of providing personal information. Business cards are about your business and its products and not about you.

The customers use your business card to contact your company or to get more information about your business, therefore, even a small image of one of the products with little description will be sufficient to mention in the card.

Your company name, email address, phone number, office address etc contact details should occupy the space. Never pack information tightly as it will only irritate the recipient, who may not have enough time to read the fine print.

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