18 Must Have Tools For Web Designers And Developers

Here is a list of some really useful tools for the web designers and web developers

We searched the web to find out useful plugins, press articles, code snippets and themes that make your web designing and development job much easier.

DhtmlxGantt – You can visualize your project schedule in a chart that looks nice with the help of this open source JavaScript. The chart allows you to customize your task scheduling needs.

Impulse– Impulse is a great help when you wish to create a library for building dynamic physics based interaction. With this tool, you will create a smooth flow of animations so that they interact with the users with a good speed of movements.

Simplex – This website helps you in creating a parallax background effect. Just add nice pix to your body background with css and then add some long content. As a last step all you need to do is to attach a JavaScript snippet to your html.

Gridify – You can use this lightweight script to create a Pinterest-like grid with image loaded. It supports images loaded and window resize event.

KeyTeX – This is your math typesetting library for the web. This tool renders math synchronously and does not require reflowing of the page.

Rollerblade.js – With Rollerblade, your webpage visitors can view the page from 360°. You need to include rollerblade.css at the top of your page with your CSS.

C3.js – This tool helps in integrating your charts with applications. It provides you a variety of APIs to know the state of the chart. You can also update the chart. The chart can be constructed without writing D3 code anymore.

Sketch WordPress Theme – This an option you can use with featured content sliders and the logos that you want to change whenever you want.

Mr Clean – This helps you in taking care of your PHP and manages your strings, objects, arrays and many more.

ScrollReveal.js – This beautiful plugin reveal elements as you enter the viewport.

Flexible.js – You can use this tool particularly to create intricate grid systems.

TextTailor.js – This will help you in setting your text perfectly when it is too short or long to fit in a given space.

MetisMenu– If you wish to create responsive menus, use this tool. It helps in creating menus with different functions and behaviors.

Velocity.js – Use this for smooth grid layout with animations

Autocomplete Like Google – It is a jQuery plugin that you can use to display suggestions from the system automatically.

Codecov.io – This allows you to test your code by hosting your statistics and reports so that you can analyze and share.

Owl Carousel – You can display huge amount of information with the help of this tool to organize without any need for more space.

Shattering Images – Useful when you wish to disappear or shatter an image by just clicking on them.

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