Creative Business Card Designs That Impress Customers

Business Card Designs

Strategically designed business cards become potent marketing visuals to make a lasting impression on target audience. When receiving such cards, potential clients get your contact details. But more than that, they get your brand message and the way you conduct your business professionally. Business card designs with professional looks, help in your efforts of building a trustworthy brand identity.

Business cards are visuals that marketers look for exploiting to their advantage. In fact, visual marketing is the priority of businesses in selling their products. According to an estimate, 38% people are drawn to visually appealing marketing content. Also, 84% of all content for marketing purpose is predicted to be in visuals in the coming years.

Future course of your business depends a lot on the impression the card creates on clients and customers. An ordinary and cliched design is not going to deliver you the desired results. You need to ensure high degree of creativity in designing your business card if you want the recipients to respond.

You do not have to stick to the run-of-the-mill cards having square edges. You can explore many options including cut, die cut and folded card designs. You can settle for three dimensional card designs also. This card design allows you to fold the card in different panels, each having different graphics.

One should select the paper quality for business cards very carefully by assessing the status of the business. Many options such as recycled paper, glossy and smooth paper, uncoated cover, linen or laid finish and coated board paper are available to you.

There are, in fact, many aspects of creative business card designs. But only a professional designer can do justice to the designs when you want to ensure trendy and useful business cards for your company. It is a good idea to crowdsource your creative business card designs to host of designers. But when designing the card, your design basics must be solid.

Keep These Tips In Mind While You Think Of Designing A Unique Business Card

01. Adhere To Design Principles

There are some basic design principles that you must follow. Do not forget that business card is a paper-based design. This means that the card is a piece of printed material.

So, Consider These Basics:

  • Make sure that you maintain legibility of your typography
  • Keep the text at least 5mm away from the trim edge
  • For best image reproduction, you should prefer working at 300 dpi
  • If you are not working with spot colors, design in CMYK

You can also use grid to properly lay out the card. The grid will also help in achieving the right hierarchy of information.

02. Present Information In A Creative Way

Business cards are tiny in size. A typical card is of around 55 x 85 mm. This means that you have a very small space to work on and still show your creative talent. Working on such a tiny size is surely difficult.

So, first create space for essential information such as company name, business owner’s name, phone number, website address, fax number etc. Then, see how you can work your design around the remaining space in a creative way. Get some inspirational business card designs and learn from them.

03. Avoid Common Mistakes

Many designers make common mistakes in designing business cards. For example, they do not provide the bleed as per specification. You should provide a bleed as specified by your computer. The bleed is commonly 3mm and can go to 5mm as well.

Make sure that you do not use a straightforward border around the card. This border will show up if the card is not cut perfectly. Such things should be considered first to ensure creative business card designs.

Another common mistake is that color scheme of a business card is different from other design materials of a company. As a designer, ensure that basic color scheme of the card is borrowed from the company’s logo design and website design. This is important to maintain design consistency for all the design items of your client’s company.

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04. Use Special Finishes

Another basic to keep in mind while creating a great business card design is to use a special finish. You can use foil blocking, metallic ink, and spot-UV. These special finishes are costly. But they make your card look visually impressive and memorable.

Remember that different printers give you different options for finishes. So, contact your printers to find out if they can provide you a specific finish that you want.

05. Use A Proper Cut Method

You can make your business card design look unique also by using a proper die-cut process. This process is used for removing the undesirable elements from the card stock.

You can opt for a die for changing the shape of the card such as a round shape. If you find die-cut process expensive, then go for laser-cut option to have a die-cut look of the card. You also have the letterpress option.

06. Think Of An Unusual Material

One of the surefire ways to create a unique business card design is to use a different material. Mostly, business cards are printed on card dock, which is also the cost-effective alternative. But if you want to do something more creative, experiment with different materials such as transparent plastics, wood, metals, and even think of using slate. But keep in mind that business cards are portable. So, select a material that is easier to handle for the clients.

07. Make The Card More Useful

A business card is meant to convey contact details. But after getting the card, most of the recipients just throw it away after sometime. But if you can make the card useful to them, they will keep it around their place. For example, you can create a business card design in such a way that it doubles as a holder for hair clips. It can also become a miniature armchair for a mobile phone. So think of such ways to save your card from getting thrown away.

You can get more useful design ideas from crowdsourcing sites. Designhill is a leading graphic design marketplace that is home to hundreds of talented business card designers. In response to your design contest, they will deliver you design ideas that are unique in many ways. Your entire money will be refunded under 100% Money Back Guarantee scheme of the site if you do not like the designs.

08. Keep New Trends In Mind

Business owners like to have design items that are in sync with the trend. So, your client may be pleased to get a card that is trendy in style. Design trends change every second year and do not last long. Still, incorporate the contemporary design styles in your card to make it look most modern.

Consider the new design trends even when you use business card maker tools. These tools have a host of features that allow you to pick a different colour, fonts, and other options to design a trendy and attractive card.

09. Recheck Your Art Work

Before sending your business card design for printing, ensure that you have double-checked it. Once the print is out, it may be too late to make the corrections. If an entire lot of the cards are out, your cost will escalate many times, if you find a mistake in the design.

So, make sure that everything is fine. Ask someone to point out the errors in the design and do the corrections before sending the card to a print shop.

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Business card designs must be impressive if you wish the customers’ attention and response. The card should be uniquely designed with proper spacing left for easy viewing of the text. Follow basic design principles, use proper cut, avoid fundamental mistakes, make the card useful, and use special finishes. With these tips in mind, you can surely create a memorable card design.

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