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Top 7 Logo Trends To Stand Out In 2023

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Trends

Last updated on February 1st, 2023

Logos are important to visually communicate your business values to your target customers. Your logo design must stand out from host of other logos to make a lasting impact on the people. -To create such logos, graphic designers adopt different trends to create exciting designs. To come up with stellar logo designs, graphic designers often create logo inspired from ongoing logo design trends.

It’s 2023 and the year is witnessing a whole new logo design trends as there would be a fresh set of requirements by the client. Many new trends for designers along with different requirements for new and upcoming projects have surfaced.

A motive behind every new design, logo trend, and business is to engage the user though an increasing no. of digital channels. The frequency of engagement is increasing rapidly. This means the businesses will go more personal and the designer needs to be more innovative, more creative and more graphic design services inclusive.

Here Are 7 Logo Trends To Stand Out In 2023

01. Minimal – Say More With The Least Possible

Leonardo Da Vinci once said– “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. It is most of the times the simplest of the logo designs that catches the eye of the customer. In simple words, simplicity of design drives the internet traffic towards your brand. Minimalist logo designs are very practical and at the same time they are purpose driven. These logo design styles convey the message directly.

logo designs

[Source: Image]

02. Hand Drawn, Handwritten or Handmade

These logo styles connect the brand with the customer at an intimate level. It is a little bit tough to translate the handmade design to the digital version. But with the evolution of scanners, light pens and vector tracing, these problems are now a thing of the past.

logo design

This style of logo designing delivers a personal touch, authenticity and warmth. These designs are mostly popular with the food industry such as coffee shops &, restaurants. The aesthetics of the logo keeps you raw, grounded and gives you personal attention.

It is also very important to focus on the typography in this particular style as bespoke fonts are valuable assets to the design industry. In fact, handwritten letters will continue to be a trendy style in other graphic designs such as brochure design and packaging design to project a friendly image of a brand.

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03. Negative Space – See Beyond

This style of logo designing has emerged in recent years. Some of the best examples of the designing style are FedEx, WWF & NBC logos. The negative space should be used when you have the penchant to discover the hidden. Negative space logo designing style is very popular on social media sites, social media pages, and many big brands also follow it.

Negative Space

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

Such logos are brilliant, clever, witty designs, and most importantly, have a very high recall value. This in turn boosts up the user engagement. The style gives the consumer, to think something extra, a deeper message, or to solve the hidden clue. Sounds like treasure hunting!!! -No?Isn’t it?

04. Mono Lines or Line Art

Year 2023 will be experiencing an amalgam of line art concept of logo designing and the innovative thinking of new age designers. These are simple designs with a single line which are often accompanied by a graphic art. Line art logo designing have recently been loved in the businesses as they are laid back and simple.

Mono Lines

[Source: Image]

The style includes a line with unchanging thickness and goes on like a twisted wire, which when analysed deeply gives a crisp, clear, and cleaner look. The design style draws a clear distinction line between the generic coloured logos and mono lines.


05. Vintage – As said ”Old is Gold”

Vintage style of logo designing would be seeing a whole new face in 2023. The major reason behind the same is the nostalgic effect it gives and creates a connection with the memories of their past. This design style also conveys a sense of royalty, trust and authenticity. Though they are not as sleek as the other styles. They certainly excel at their job when it comes to grab the customers’ attention towards the brand. Yes! This style hits the emotional quotient.

Vintage design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

06. Form Simplification

A simple logo design idea makes it easy for people to recognise and remember it. A good logo design will always be simple yet unique. An overdrawn or complex logo design might confuse the readers about the brand. It should be neat, clean and distinctive.

logo design

[Source: Image]

07. The Moving Parts – The GIF’s

Last but not the least, the final entry that has made it to the trending logo design list of 2023 – is the GIF logo or the moving logo. With the world converging towards digitisation, the brand that sells its products on the web is the clear winner.

The Gif logos are graphic designs that are continuously changing positions to adapt. This style has recently seen a rise due to the active involvement of social media pages, – websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram, into digital marketing.

Moving Parts

[Source: Image]

The use of Gif technique is already being used frequently everywhere including social media page designs to catch viewers eye.

A good and right though is pointed by DesignWebKit blog in their post about web design trends: ¨Gif maximally grabs attention and allows without long eloquent descriptions to let the user understand what the company offers.¨

So, these are the logo design trends that graphic designers are likely to follow. Your company’s logo should be a trendy design but it should also be a timeless piece. Designhill can help you get a memorable logo at an affordable cost. This is a leading marketplace where your logo design contest will evoke response from dozens of talented logo designers. You get a winning logo design in a short period within your small budget.

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Logo design trends that graphic designers are most likely to follow this year include minimalistic design, hand drawn fonts, and use of negative space. Other trends include use of mono lines, form simplification and GIF videos. These trends will make logo creation more exciting and useful. So, if you are getting a new logo design for your company, don’t forget to take inspiration from these trends.

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Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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