17 Easy Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

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Last updated on February 3rd, 2023

Small businesses do not have a huge budget to spend on marketing activities, and they have to restrict their marketing activities. But some marketing ideas can help them enhance their reach to the target audience.

If you are running your business on a low budget, you need to pay heed to some ideas that work well to market your new products or services.

You do not have to necessarily invest a massive amount of money by borrowing a loan when thinking of taking your business to your target audience.

When it comes to generating marketing ideas, there is a wide variety of them available to the modern small businesses. For example, merely standing out at the nearby Starbucks coffee shop and distributing your business flyers randomly to the people is good enough to drive their attention to what you produce or sell.

Here Are 17 Easy Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

01. Use The Power Of Content

Content is a powerful tool to spread awareness about your company, its business, and its product or service on offer to your target audience. But the best form of content is a blog as it contains a lot of details.

Blogs focus on a particular issue or problem that your audience is facing. They read your blogs to understand the issue and to resolve it.

Use The Power Of Content

For example, if you sell tea products from your ecommerce store, but your business is not growing at an expected rate. So, one of the key marketing ideas is to write a blog that gives details on tea leaves.

Such a blog will then cover most aspects of tea leaves for your customers’ knowledge. They will visit your blog regularly.

However, an essential tip to follow here is to do some keyword research to know the words and phrases that people are using to find tea leaves and tea products online. Then, insert those keywords in your blog at the right place.

02. Create Your Instructional Videos

Video content is always a valuable tool to draw your customers’ attention and drive traffic. As it is a popular visual medium, it is best when you want to make your business noticed quickly.

If you can make your videos viral, it will instantly be able to turn millions of people toward the video and your business.

Create Your Instructional Videos

Although the video is a little costly for many small businesses, if you can afford it, nothing can be better than this medium for quickly drawing your audience to what your small company does.

03. Recycle Old Content

Since you are looking for budget-friendly marketing ideas, how about using your old content? You do not have to invest in writing lengthy fresh blogs all the time.

All you need to do is to repurpose your useful old blogs and other content in addition to writing some new content.

So, if you wrote a long post as the guidance on a particular issue related to your business. You can then use the content in a new way to make it look fresh for the readers.

Recycle Old Content

All you need to ensure is the inclusion of some infographics and new data in the post. This will help in creating new mini content for your Twitter audience. Similarly, you should think of turning your existing video content into your new blog post. You can explore agencies to curate impressive content.

A good reason behind repurposing of existing content is that your potential customers are in different places online. They view a wide variety of content formats as per their preferences.

Some of them like to read blogs, while others prefer videos or live streams or even podcast. By repurposing content, you use different platforms to reach your audience.

04. Use T-Shirts For Marketing

How about using t-shirts as a low-cost marketing tool to promote your small business? In fact, t-shirts are one of the most effective tools to drive the attention of millions of people at once.

Use T-Shirts For Marketing

This is because thousands of people glance at your t-shirt design that has your company’s logo and a message. When you make people wear your t-shirts, they move around in a city with your company’s business message. Thus, they become a walking billboard for your business.

05. Create Infographics

Infographics tell about your products or services excitingly; including the use of some animation or simple images to take your audience through your business journey. This is an effective way to engage your audience with your business. You can create infographics easily on a DIY basis.

Create Infographics

To create infographics that make a lasting memorable impact on your audience, take help from a professional who provides graphic design services that create the right images, animated figures, colors, etc.

06. Think Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is not expensive. All you are supposed to do is to gather as many addresses of those who visit your websites, blogs, infographics and other sites. Get their email addresses when they sign up or enquire about your business from different sources.

Think Of Email Marketing

Then, use some software to send your emails to all of them at once. This is email marketing. You are reaching to thousands of potential customers with your content about your products or services.

But do not forget to write an engaging email that lures the readers into knowing more about your business.

Most importantly, use some email signature creator so that your signature along with your company name and website address etc. contact details appear at the end of the email. This makes your message even more authentic for the readers.

07. Create Your Fan Base

Today, when businesses are making good use of social media, they have built up a considerable fan base on Facebook, which a channel that allows you to promote your business with lengthy content.

So, use your Facebook fan base to promote your small business as a low-cost marketing tactic.

Create Your Fan Base

You should frequently post your product updates on your Facebook pages. This helps your members in getting first access to the information regarding developments in your company.

The key here is to grow a community for your brand and then handle it professionally. Interact with the community and ensure exchange of information that matters to them.

08. Use Other Brands’ Audiences

Find out some leading sites related to your business and industry. Some of them may be having a vast audience base as their online customers and followers. All you need to do is to collaborate with them.

Use Other Brands’ Audiences

You should offer your specialized services to them so that they let you use their platform to promote your small business.

If that happens, you will be taking your products or services to other brands’ massive audience, which in turn will help in building your brand identity. Many of them can be your loyal customers.

09. Explore Quora

Quora is an online platform to ask questions and get their answers. So, post questions that potential customers have in mind related to your business and industry.

Explore Quora

Hundreds of people will answer the questions. Or, you can also answer many such questions. When responding, make sure to drop some hint about your own small business or company or insert its link in the answer. This is a great way to get exposure for your brand.

10. Try To Do Something Different

One of the best tactics to do stand out is to do something that your competitors are not doing. For example, your competitors are busy bidding over AdWords, how about doing something different by testing on Facebook ads.

Similarly, if you find them working on conventional topics, you can talk about something else.

Try To Do Something Different

11. Look For Unlinked Mention Of Your Company Name

If your small company has made some name for itself due to exceptional products or services, many bloggers and other platforms may be mentioning it as an example.

Look For Unlinked Mention Of Your Company Name

However, when they mention your company’s name, they do not link it as there was no such agreement with you. But you can turn those unmentioned name of your company into a linked name.

All you need to do is to find out those mentions. After spotting them, contact the blog owner or any other platform and talk to them if they can add a link to your company name in the sentence for some payment.

12. Rank Your Guest Posts

Like many others, you may also be using guest posts as a tactic to build links. But a problem with most guest posts is that they all bring traffic only for a few days.

Then, the traffic fades away. So, you use the website’s massive audience to your advantage in the initial days, and then the traffic stops to come to your post.

Rank Your Guest Posts

To deal with this problem, you should rank the guest post that you wrote for the site. This means that the post will be visible on the search results for many more days and it will continue to fetch you the much-needed traffic for your small business.

13. Explore LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media channel that not all the small business explore it to their advantage. They mostly add their network connections to their site profile page and then do not visit the page regularly.

Explore LinkedIn

But you should use the page to join the groups and engage your connections as well as share your valuable blog posts. In fact, you can do tones of things on LinkedIn to promote your brand and content.

14. Use The Power Of Business Cards

Do not think that business cards are just for delivering your contact details on a piece of thick paper. More than that, you can turn them as a potent marketing tool that does not require you to spend a lot of money.

Use The Power Of Business Cards

Create your company’s excellent business card design that stands out and surprises everyone. Such a card will make a quick impression on your likely customers.

However, make sure that you first have an idea that is a great business card inspiration. You can then build the idea further so that it suits best to your brand.

15. Create Some Customer Referral Program

You can use your existing customers to bring more customers to your small business. Just give them some incentives for referring your services to others. This helps in spreading a word of mouth for your brand.

Create Some Customer Referral Program

16. Surprise Audience With Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is about surprising an audience with your creative marketing powers. This you can do in a small budget. For example, think of broadcasting your lesser-known Twitter handle with sidewalk chalk.

Surprise Audience With Guerilla Marketing

If there is some abandoned storefront in your vicinity, use that to paint something exciting about your business. There are many such things you can do to surprise people and draw their attention to what your company does.

17. Distribute Free Promotional Items

One of the key marketing tactics to draw people’s attention is to distribute some free promotional items randomly to anyone who you see around. You can also distribute these promotional products during an event or any gathering that your company organizes.

Distribute Free Promotional Items

People keep these useful items such as key chains, drink ware, computer accessories, etc. with them for a long time. But put your company’s logo design on the items as a reminder of your business.

These are easy marketing ideas that small businesses can think of implementing as part of their overall promotional strategies. Make it sure that you invest your time and attention to get the desired results.

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Small businesses do not have huge budgets to spend on expensive marketing strategies. But they can still explore many effective marketing ideas that are cost-effective and help in getting the business goals. Repurposing old content, creating infographics, videos, and unique business cards, exploring LinkedIn and other social media, and other marketing tactics will work for giving a boost to businesses.

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