Choose Right Type Of Logo Design For Your Business

Your business must have appropriate representation in a tough and competitive market by a logo. If logo design is simple and people can relate to it quickly, it will help in bringing customers to your business. But your graphic designer must decide if your business needs a logo-mark or a letter-mark or may be both.

A letter-mark is a logo that has text which is usually name of the product or service or business. A logo-mark consists of symbol only. Some companies have both these types of logos combined in one.

If your business has a unique name then you can opt for letter-mark logo so that your company’s name can stand out. But a logo-mark will be the right choice if a company name is generic such as Apple, Speed and Stone. Such companies can benefit from using iconic symbols in logo design.

The typeface of the logo design also counts for a business. When choosing your logo typeface, you must ensure that these qualities are there in place in your logo design.

Ensure that your logo design does not have common font types due to their overuse. You should opt for a unique typeface that has been used less frequently or creates a typeface of your own.

The typography used in a logo should be easily readable. This means that you need to eliminate the use of shadows and outlines as they make reading the logo difficult.

Use only a maximum of two fonts in a logo design. Too many fonts will make the logo look complex and complicated for the viewers.

Ensure that you have provided enough information to the designers through your design brief. The brief must include details about what your company sells and does in the market. Information about the people who buy your products and services is also desirable in the brief.

A logo designer should present an initial sketch of the logo design to the client and get approval. If the client likes the sketch, you should go ahead with the design and do your best to make it look impressive and useful to the business.

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By Henna Ray

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