Top 4 Trending Book Cover Templates In 2022

Trending Book Cover Templates

Attractive book cover design is not just about beauty…it’s a visual sales pitch. It establishes your communication with a prospective reader. A book cover has only 3 seconds to draw the reader’s attention. That’s why your book cover design must have the potential to pause onlookers and compel them to consider buying.

Books are man’s best friend. When you want to spend leisure time or looking for an authentic source of information, it’s the book that first pops up in your mind. And the book cover designs play a crucial role in making the reader’s choice. So, make sure that your book cover should be in perfect book cover size to catch the attention of the reader.

Most readers first check the book covers to get some idea about what is written in the book. You know that its cover should not judge a book, but at least the cover makes the person a bit curious about the inner content. When someone wants to earn some knowledge, or just want to relax, books prove to be a great option.

From textbooks to novels, books cover many genres like Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Westerns & many more. Similar to the book genre, its cover is designed to match the theme. And it also makes sense because, in most cases, a person buys books only when their covers excite them.

So the importance of book cover cannot be neglected. In fact, it is one of the essential parts of a book. And when it comes to designing a cover, book cover online template designs are the best option to get the best designs quickly.

There are many online graphic design platforms available these days that provide unique book cover template designs. But due to many types of template design options, it isn’t easy to finalize a design. In order to make things easier, we have rounded up the top 4 book cover templates for 2022.

Here Are The Top 4 Trending Book Cover Templates For 2022

01. Autobiography Book Cover Template Design

Autobiography is among the most popular genres that people like to read. There are many autobiography books present in the market.

Such books generally do a profitable business as most of us love to read about the struggle and life story of popular personalities and idols. But one crucial part of such books is the design of the book cover.

The covers of these books must reflect the originality and ‘real-life’ feeling of the personality to connect readers with the theme of the book. This book cover template design helps to design the book cover that fulfills the purpose of this genre.

02. Fashion Book Cover Template Design

Today, people are more fashion curious than ever before. That’s why this book genre is so popular among us. The fashion genre is popular due to the interest of people in looking good and trendy.

People want to follow celebrities and actors because they have the best fashion designers that make them look stylish.

So, the fashion genre books sell like hotcakes. But to make fashion books more attractive, book cover plays a significant role. In this genre, the book cover’s role is more important than books of other genres.

If the book cover shows a fashionable and stylish model or similar image, it instantly catches the potential buyer’s attention. This book cover template is suitable for fashion genre books.

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03. Cook Book Cover Template Design

Cooking is an art, and many of us would like to perfect this art by hooks or by crooks. To make this happen, cookbooks are the best option.

People use to cook new dishes by referring to recipe books. The outcome may not be as expected, but it does not stop us from buying new recipe books.

The cover design should show relevant images like a mouth-watering dish or a professional cook. It will help to increase the trust factor of the buyer towards the book. This fully customizable book cover template design allows doing the same for the cook genre books.

04. Horror Book Cover Template Design

The horror genre is adventurous for the young generation and liked very much as it thrills them and leads to goosebumps. It may sound strange, but the truth is that the creepy and ghost stories attract many of us.

It inspires writers to write horror storybooks and scripts. But the horror books are sold if their covers invoke the creepy feeling in the buyer’s mind just in a glance. This horror book cover template design helps to design the same.

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It’s rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. And the book covers play a vital role in leaving a good first impression on the prospective readers. Books are our best friends and a good source of knowledge. Good books are also handy if someone is interested in novels, stories, cooking, etc. For book publishing businesses, books are everything to make earnings. Therefore, book covers become an essential element for them. You can use either a book cover design tool or graphic design templates to design an attractive cover design for your new book.

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