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Books are a source of stories of our lives and all sorts of information. But the first condition for a book to be read is that it is picked from book shelves. There is plenty of reading material available everywhere and many books are lined up for potential readers in bookshops and online stores. So, how will you draw their attention to your book? The answer is that you have a stunning book cover design.

People are drawn to eye-catching visuals, which stimulate the brain and evoke different emotions. This is what book cover designs do to entice the book lovers. When they see the cover design, they get hints of a story and message through multiple colors, colorful fonts, images, symbols etc. If the cover is aesthetically created, it even has an intellectual appeal for the readers. So, design matters.

When it comes to creating the covers, you can try using book cover template to design the cover on your own. It is a quick way to have a customized cover. It is also a cost-effective solution, especially for the new authors. Just select your colors, fonts, images, title and other elements using the template, and have the cover ready in minutes.

However, templates are not always the best option when you need a sophisticated design to express your complex book theme. Instead, when looking for amazing book cover design ideas, it is better to let experienced designers do the job for you.  They know how to create enticing book covers that convey your theme and communicate with your target readers. Take advantage of their expertise.

So, explore our professional book cover designers and work closely with them to design a cover that compels your readers to turn the pages

Some of our Top Book cover Designers

Geopherae 42 projects completed
The book cover design was delivered in a professional manner with a commitment to deadlines and a focus on customer expectation. We look forward to working with him again in the future.
Natalie Design 45 projects completed
She very quickly came to grips with what I was trying to achieve and found a way to ‘visualise’ that in an exciting and appropriate application of my less than completely formed ideas.
Sombalsambel 55 projects completed
After a frustrating search for a graphic designer I was relieved to find him because his portfolio showed him to be a clear cut above the rest in his artistic abilities and because the quality of his book cover template design also distanced him from his peers.
Shmith.inemine 60 projects completed
Working with him proved that in addition to his creativity, his professionalism is also impressive. He quickly understood how i want cover design, and was great about communicating his thinking and progress in a very timely manner.



For magazine, its must that the cover design is graphically illustrative and gives a short glimpse of what the book is about. A thoughtfully designed cover can make the user inquisitive to dive in further. At Designhill, get experienced designer to get a cover design seeing which a viewer cannot resist to read it further.

Children's Books

For children book, the cover design more or less decides whether the child is going to take this book everywhere or it just remains thrown at a corner in his room. Thus keeping in mind that our target audience are children, the cover design of the book should be colorful, funny and with lots of images. Need some help?? Choose from amazing designers at Designhill and get a cover designed that a child is going to love.

Educational Books

An image related to the subject and few lines from it, makes a great cover design for educational book. The color chosen, the font used also play a great role on how your target audience perceive your books. Make sure that you have an experienced creative designer who can help you out with the cover. We at Designhill can surely help you to find one!!

Frequently Asked Question's

Our designers would provide you with files that can be used for printer or for online publishing platform or for both. File format provided are- .ai, .psd, .pdf, .png, .jpg in which the print files are in CMYK color mode and online publishing files are in RGB color mode. You would also get the full ownership of the design.
Yes, it is important that you have many ideas of book cover designs. The ideas will help you write a precise design brief for your designers with a lot of details. For book cover design inspiration, explore our collection at Designhill. These book covers created by our community of talented designers are brilliant examples of what goes in creating the covers.

To provide a detailed design brief, you must be aware of what specifics make the front and back covers of your book. The front cover has a book title, author’s name, tabline, imagery, etc. The back cover includes a quote, author’s biography, and an ISBN number.

It would be good if you give a precise brief with specific design needs so that the designers create a perfect book cover. So, know its different aspects first.
Preferably the book's title, author's name, tagline, imagery and a quote appears on front cover of the book.
On the back cover of paperback book, one has a short promotional summary of the book and author bio.
At the time of posting your contest, you can buy additional design categories and thus create it as a custom combo package. e.g. you can get book cover & brochure design in a combo pack.
You can talk to our customer support team for more information about it.
While we are 100% sure that if you select any package you would definitely get a design that meets your need. Selecting a higher package ensures that top designers take part in your contest. These designers would have a great depth of experience in book cover design and as such would bring fresh perspective and would also need less guidance from your side.
Of course. We offer full legal copyright of the design to you once you have selected a winning design.
No hidden terms. We offer 100% Money Back Guarantee on your book cover design contest. But the offer comes with certain conditions.

You can get the refund only if you ask for it within 60 days of making the payment towards the contest.
The offer is not open for the contests that feature a guaranteed prize for the designers.
The offer will also not be applicable to the contests where a winner has been awarded.

If you do not find the design entries satisfactory, we can help you get better results. We can help you rewrite your design brief and re-open your project. Just send us an email at or have a live chat with us to guide you get what you want from your contest.
By making the contest private you can make your book cover design brief confidential. Making a contest private means that no designer can see a contest unless they sign a non-disclosure agreement(NDA). Also, it restricts the web crawler to crawl the page and therefore your design brief does not appears in search page.
Visit the site on which you want to publish your book and there you can find a spine width calculator to get your book's spine width. If you haven't decided the publisher yet you can still use any spine width calculator to get the spine width.

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