Top 101 Creative Logo Ideas To Help Designers When They Are Stuck

Logo Ideas

Logo designing is a creative process. A designer usually moves forward into the process only after getting some inspirational logo design ideas. However, for most designers, logo ideas are harder to come. They wonder where is the inspiration going to come from.

A problem in not having logo ideas when they matter arises when you need to complete the project in a few days. Sometimes, clients become impatient and want you to send the work right away. Moreover, if you are a professional graphic designer, you should come up with new ideas consistently to earn decent money.

So, find out a way to get inspiration whenever you start a new logo project. You might come out with your own unique way to get your creative brain charged up. But there are some common tactics that most designers use to get new ideas.

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Here Are Some Sources For Inspirational Logo Ideas

Revisit Your Old Logo Collection

Many designers revisit some great logo designs by master designers. Just going through those classic works is sometimes enough to stimulate your creative brain. Those works are food for thought for you.

You can have a select collection of great works that inspire you. Then, whenever you look for inspirational ideas, just glance at those famous or new creative pieces. Chances are that it will trigger your creative instincts.

Scan Online Design Sites

There are many online dedicated sites that discuss various logo aspects. Many of them have dozens of artistic logos from past and modern eras. You can find hundreds of images that will stir your creative brain to come up with some really unique ideas.

Evaluate Your Competitors’ Logos

You should evaluate the logos of your client’s competitors. Those business symbols will give you an idea of how to create something that stands out. Since you want to have a design that looks unique, it becomes an inspiration to come out with a memorable idea. It kind of challenges your skills as well.

Know More About Your Client’s Brand

What exactly your client makes and sells? Who are the target customers and what are their social, educational, and economic backgrounds? What are future growth plans of your clients? Who are the competitors?

These are some questions you should ask when designing a logo, you should answer precisely in order to have some insight into your client’s business. Once you do that, you have a clear picture of the business and its competitors.

All such details will lead you to the kind of custom logo design that suit best to your client’s brand. You will then know the colors, typefaces, etc for the design. This is a process that often leads to getting creative logo ideas.

Characteristics Of A Memorable Logo

Besides knowing the ways to get inspirational ideas, know how to identify a logo that looks different. Here are some of its key features:

It Is A Simple Design

A memorable design is always a simple work of art. You like it just as you set your eyes on it. That is also true for logos. Most global companies such as Nike, Apple, Samsung, Pepsi, and others boast of their simple logos.

It Has One Or Two Colors And Fonts

Simple logos are rarely multicolored designs. There are usually one or two colors, typefaces, simple lines used in creating those beautiful symbols. Similarly, most such designs have just one typeface or at best two to give it a personality.

Convey A Message Clearly

Despite the simplicity, the success of such cool logos is in conveying their brand message to the audience. So, make sure that you create something that sends the right signals to your client’s target customers.

It Is Versatile

When you create a logo, ensure that it is a versatile design. This means that it is impressive even in its black and white version. It also does not lose its sense of proportion if scaled up too much or its fine details are visible when scaled down to stamp size.

So, now that you know how to get logo design inspiration for logo ideas and how a great logo looks like, we can help you with some ideas.

Here Are Some Great Logo Ideas For Your Benefit

01. Boundary

This logo is an exciting and unique logo design idea. It represents the brand name by using creating the letters in line art. The background grey lines complete each letter. The use of line art puts this amongst pleasing logo design ideas.

02. Zip

The Zip logo has the zip in the middle of the Z and P letters. Can you come up with something like this for your logo? A professional graphic designer always looks for such innovative ideas that draw viewers’ attention.

03. The Lucky Ones Brand

Human skull and two side lighting symbols make it a unique design.

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04. Motion Animation Studio

The two wheels create the imagery of motion, making it one of the great logo ideas.

05. Fence

Since the brand name is Fence, the designer thought it fit simple design some pointed fencing elements.

06. Love Simplicity StudioJQ

For ‘Love, the designer used the heart symbol and then the rest of the studio’s name. That makes this a recognizable design for viewers and surely one of the cool logos.

07. Fubiz

This is a text-based logo that becomes memorable because of its wise use of sans serif fonts.

08. Fish Food

All the dining things like forks and spoons and the fish skeleton makes this an outstanding design. Such logo ideas conveys the company’s name and message effectively.

09. Shop Wise Logo

A reason for using the mustache and eyeglasses is that we associate these with older and experienced people. The logo encourages you to shop with the brand. One of the characteristics of better logos is that they convey their brand message directly to the audience. This logo comes true on that yardstick.

10. Loveclip

This logo has a heart symbol and a clip sign, making the company name. The message is that you will like the clips. The idea comes from the company name itself.

11. Yondr Studio

A vintage design using some conventional nature elements is the basis of this logo.

12. Tomot

The diving tail of a whale fish is the inspiration behind this logo. Such logo Ideas reflect brand names effectively.

13. Greek Whole Food

Here, the dining fork, knife, and spoon are the core elements and the basis of the design idea.

14. Turn

You can see many turns in this logo. The brand name itself becomes a source of inspiration and ideas for the designer.

15. Twins

The Twins logo has the letter N shaped as 2 to convey the brand name. Such logo design ideas help build recognition for brands.


16. Utopia

This is a simple logo with the name in sans serif handwritten lettering style.

17. Giant Owl

Two giant eyes of an owl that stares at you are the chief design feature in this logo.

18. Milky Mug

The custom mug stands on four legs that are shaped like cow udders or nipples.

19. UP

This logo shows an arrow pointing upward in a U shape, and is the inspiration behind the design.

20. Brand

The use of multiple colors for an umbrella is the motivation behind this logo.

21. Kittypic

The kitty is the cat and the camera icon represents the pic of the company name.

22. Sayulita

The sun image with ocean and tree are the main feature of this logo.

23. Bird & Worm Creative Agency

An animated bird and a worm with some action are the attraction of the logo.

24. Addicted – Game Bilding

This logo has an animated boy figure showing some athletic skills.

25. Half Badger

This is one of the memorable logo ideas. Since the name is Half Badger, the badger is shown in this logo just up to its neck.

26. Commuter Network

All three figures are linked together, expressing the network business of the company.

27. Fuel

The fuel pipe is the motivation in creating this logo. Notice the beautiful line art the designer used to create the pipes.

28. One

The letter ‘O’ is present in the white space in this logo, making it one of the unique logo ideas.

29. Campland

You can notice the two camps in white and red in the shape of inverted brackets.

30. BarCode

The cup design is in barcode shades, spelling out the company’s brand message.

31. Go-Tickets

The ‘go’ word in the company name is expressed by the person on the move. The clothing pieces are the tickets.

32. Antarctica

Antarctica and Penguin are inseparable. So, the letter ‘a’ is in the shape of a penguin.

33. Union Of Moscow Architects Brand

The image that emerges from this logo is that of an athlete who can twist and turn his or her body.

34. Cribys

A proverbial carrot hanging in front of a donkey is the main idea for this logo.

35. Data Arms

The two palms designed as wings make this one of the unique logo ideas.

36. Cook Finder

The chef’s hat and a lens represent the company name, Cook Finder.

37. iGadget

A speeding human animated figure conveys the company’s message in this logo.

38. My Indian Closet Brand

Three intertwined clothing hangers make this logo a unique design.

39. Killed Productions

The letter ‘i’ is down, symbolizing the killed person.

40. AngryFile

The file is very angry. The designer used the bracket sign and inverted commas to show the anger here.

41. Subtle Yoga

The innermost curvy lines give the message of the subtle yoga that the company teaches.

42. EDN

The plug design forms the company’s name as the E, D, and N. It surely is one of the best logo ideas.

43. Horror Films

The designer created the message of horror by just three dots indicating the shape of a human skull.

44. Rocket Golf

Since the name is Rocket Golf, the designer thought of creating a rocket by just two simple likes and some ignition at the bottom. A video animated logo gives a boost to such sports logo.

45. Galactic Records

An UFO disc is the inspiration for this logo, forming the name Galactic Records.

46. Barknews Media

The animated dog represents the brand name with the tv and mick being the elements of media in the design.

47. LAB

There is a lab flask hidden in the letter ‘A’ that makes this one of the clever logo ideas.

48. Thread Me

The thread in this logo is in the letter ‘e’.

49. Give Give Records

The two hands represent the gesture of giving.

50. Sushi

The chopsticks are in the shape of the H letter. It surely is amid remarkable logo ideas.



This logo depends on the unique designs of the letters for its impact.

52. On Wine

The word wine makes the rest of the body of the bottle in this unique logo design.

53. Cycling Association

See this logo from any angle and you still have the bicycle. That is the idea behind this design.

54. Impala

The Impala finds a prominent place in this logo with horns flying high, making the design instantly visible.

55. Oficio By Estudio Cercle

This beautiful logo has the company’s name written in a handwritten style, giving it a classic look.

56. Geneius

The filament designed as DNA figure is the chief attraction of this logo. The company has something to do with genes.

57. Freelancer

The man with a lance or spear in hand is the main idea for creating this logo.

58. Artists United

The pencil figure represents the artists in this logo.

59. Girls Talkin Smack

This multicolor logo with the hands represents the girls’ emotions and aspirations. This is surely amongst memorable logo ideas for its use of colors.

60. Run

The letter ‘R’ is in the shape of a running person in this logo design.

61. Cook Eat Love

The octopus figure makes this a unique logo.

62. Premium Design

The idea behind this logo is the hanging tags which tell about the quality of the product.

63. Choose

The button to choose the start and finish function is the idea for this logo.

64. Bison

The Bison logo is in the shape of the animal with bold letters giving the logo its robust personality.

65. Sharky

Just the fin of a shark in the letter A is enough to catch viewers’ eye.

66. Martini House

The Martini House logo design is inspired by the martini cup designs. The designer used the cups to form a house shape.

67. 1Kids

The toy bear baby is the chief attraction of this logo.

68. Page Fold

This is one of the most innovative logo ideas. The company name comes alive in the logo design which depicts the letter P in a folded form.

69. Elena Alexeeva

The Initial letters E and A of the name are the basis of this logo design. There is the letter ‘a’ hidden in the white space of the letter E.

70. MORE

The stretched ‘O’ conveys the meaning of this company.


71. Ed’s Electric

ED’s Electric logo is amongst the most imaginative logo ideas that draw our attention. Both the parts of an electric plug make the letters E and D.

72. Wiesinger Music Piano Service

The company is in delivering piano service. So, its logo is in the shape of piano keys, which also forms the initials W and M of the company name.

73. Bread

The B letter has the shape and feel of a bread, conveying the message visibly to the audience.

74. Snap

A slanted and broken ‘A’ makes this an attractive logo.

75. Green Labs

Because of the word ‘Labs’ in the company name, the designer create the tree in a human brain shape.

76. Pencil

Can you notice pencil in this logo? The tiny triangle dot at the bottom creates the illusion of pencil, a logo design inspiration for budding designers.

77. Paper Clip

This is one of the simple logo ideas as the paper clip replaces the letter ‘l’.

78. Spartan Golf Club

The Spartan golf club logo is one of the famous logo ideas. The Spartan headgear is in the swing of the golf stick.

79. LOOK

The gaze in the Look logo is evident in the big eyes that the two ‘O’ letter make.

80. Music Dog

The very name of the company becomes inspiration for the designer here in this logo. The piano attains the shape of a piano.

81. Stink

Bath bombs spread fragrance in bathrooms. Hence the designer created this logo in the shape of a bomb floating in water.

82. Mushroom

You can see that the logo looks like a mushroom and it has an entrance door as well.

83. GolfEye

The golf ball and the field design makes this a unique logo design. It also looks like an eye and becomes a visual representation of the name.

84. IDEA

The light bulb is a popular symbol for new ideas. Here the logo designer simply put the bulb in place of the letter ‘I’ to communicate the message.

85. Human

This is amongst the brilliant logo ideas. Can you notice the human sperm in the white space of the letter ‘a’?

86. Webankor

Because the company name is Webanchor, its logo is an anchor design that looks like a cursor symbol.

87. Seven Sparrows

This is surely one amongst the many beautiful logo ideas. You can count the seven sparrows.

88. Flightning

The letter ‘f’ takes the shape of an airplane since the company name is flightning.

89. Message

In this logo, you can see a person handing over a message to the other due to the ‘M’ design.

90. Water Drop

The water drop is clearly visible here in the logo.

91. Six Base

The number 6 is in both the number and text, which makes it one of the unique logo ideas.

92. Splash Copywriters

Splash Copywriters logo shows that you do not have to look for an over the top design in order to be unique. The ‘wow’ factor in this logo is the ink splash.

93. The Coffee Trike

This geometry based logo design is fresh and stands out. The three wheel and coffee cup give the impression of a moving bike.

94. Ovenly

Ovenly is a New York bakery that ships goodies to its customers across the country. Its logo is one of the simple logo ideas. There is just a rolling pin and an outline of an open book to express the warmth of cooking.

95. Beer Canada

This logo conveys its message instantly because of the two beer glasses shown as the letters E. The yellow color makes the design visible.

96. Elephant

Can you notice the elephant trunk in the letter ‘L’ and the Es making the face? To say something through the fonts is a great design skill.

97. The Thirsty Peacock

This wine store logo is in the shape of a peacock. The wine cup and bottles stand for the peacock’s head and colorful features. The logo expresses the enjoyment associated with drinking wine.

98. Puzzle

It surely is one of the creative logo ideas. The name Puzzle is shaped up as pieces of cards that you join together to form a picture. The letters in the name look like those pieces of puzzle.

99. Amazing

This logo has a maze, a network of patch and hedges, designed in place of the letters M, A, Z, and E. So, the viewers gets the message just by glancing at the design.

100. WildLife

The large horns of a dear and a fish, fishing rod, a bird make this logo design unique and memorable.

101. Peeled

This is yet another logo idea to use letters for conveying a brand message. The meaning of the name is well expressed in the letters that are shaped like they are being peeled up from the surface.

So, when you hire a freelance graphic designer, make sure that the logo idea you get is unique like these logos.

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Wrapping Up

Unique logo ideas are essential to have in the first place before you start the design work. This is because innovative ideas can convey a brand message to target audience effectively. Such logos are simple but draw the viewers’ attention due to memorable and creative designs. These logos are great examples of unique logo ideas. You can even hire various logo design agencies to cater your logo needs. 

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By Alice Jackson

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