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30 Creative Travel Logo Ideas For Your Inspiration

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Travel & Hotel Logos

Travel Logo

Last updated on March 8th, 2022

“Not all those who wander are lost.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

Travelling is one of the best ways to unravel. If you deal in this business, then you’re aware of both, the responsibility and the leisure of it. As a trip planner, it is your duty to provide your customer with the best time of his/her life. But what is it that shall convince the traveller to partner with you? Your logo idea or the logo itself might be the answer. It should exude the thrill, relaxation and sheer joy of travelling. While a logo is an identity, it is also a symbol that reflects the core ethics of your work. People do create their own logos, but creating a logo that catches peoples attention requires expertise. With Designhill you can explore plenty of travel logo ideas, so that you can pick the best or get an inspiration for your own logo.

Here Are Creative Travel Logo Ideas For Your Logo Inspiration

01. Use Vehicle In Your Logo

One way to attract consumer attention may be to use the image of a vehicle on your logo. A fancy watercolor rendition might do the trick. A vehicle is well interpreted as a symbol of movement and progress. With this on your official logo, the idea of travel becomes self-explanatory.

Vehicle Logo

02. Famous Landmarks To Catch Instant Attention

Use famous landmarks.This one is a common but successful trick. Use the image of some famous landmark as your logo design. For example, you might wish to use the picture of Taj Mahal, or maybe only its outline to get your point across and grab attention. Feel free to experiment with your choice of symbols.

Famous Landmarks

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03. Give A Glimpse Of Your Hotel

Another idea could be to use a picture of your own resort or hotel, again, drawn as a picture, casual lines, not overdone. This could convey an honest opinion on what the consumer should expect, plus, also have people recognise your place and suggest it to others.

Hotel logo

04. Planes For Those Going On Long Vacations

This image is one thing that at once spreads the desire and enthusiasm of vacationing. There are innumerable ways in which to use this. One way is to replace the dot of ‘i’ with a plane figure. Or morph it into an alphabet etc.

Long Vacations

Travel&Hotel logo

05. Carnival To Attract The Party Goers

You might choose the thrill of a carnival to attract your customers for your logo idea. Something celebratory like a bright merry-go-around, coupled with hearty colour tones will ensure that your motto of celebrating travel is conveyed.

Party logo

06. Minimal Use Of Images And Words

Do not make the logo a clutter of images and words. This might give the impression of lacking the basic mannerisms of arrangement and confidence; which in turn leads to a negative impact on your business.

Use Of Images And Words

Using an online logo generator tool is a great option to get minimal logo, The tools have editor option, using which one can keep the images, lines, words and color in sync with each other.

07. Greenery For The Nature Lovers

Feel free to channel your inner nature lover and make use of trees and fauna. This is best coupled with places that have this geographical uniqueness. For example, if you advertise the Caribbean or Amazon, then trees are going to prove the right logo idea.

Nature Love

08. Starry Nights For A Magical Experience

Do use the skyline. Use cool and calm shades of opal, blues and aquamarine to represent the horizon or skyline, give your logo literal wings. Alternatively, you could also use a creative background of a starry night which might wed well to the bonfire nights you intend to provide.

Magical Experience

09. Hot Air Balloons To Fly High

If you’re fond of minimalistic designs, then your logo could portray a lone hot air balloon, which is basically attracting the customer to fly around the world with you.

Hot Air Balloons

10. Design Outline Of Your Beautiful City

One of the best ways to advertise your tour via a logo is to have an outline of your city as the logo. Alternatively, you could skip the outline and have a colourful watercolour rendition of the city, giving your logo a dreamy quality.

Beautiful City

11. Fairy Tale Image In Your Logo

Do not hesitate from using elements of phantasmagoria as the subject of your logo. A castle, a star or even some popular scene of a fairy-tale that is relevant to the name of your firm should do the trick.


12.Use Of Geometrical Element

If you wish to have an modern and abstract logo, then it is best to use geometry to your benefit. Some lines, circles, a trapezium or almost anything that suits your fancy should do the trick – as long as it works in tandem with the company name. Take care of the color coding though; there is a fine line between abstract and nonsensical!

Geometrical Element

13. Portray The Vast Ocean

The image of the sea. Your logo could have the image of the sea as the background. The sea stands for an all-encompassing vastness. This would portray a positive image for your business, that of growth and of course, travelling.

Vast Ocean

14. Your Company Name Might Do

You could choose to put your company name in a clear, readable font and the background could be a photograph of one of the tour destinations or a resort etc.

Company Name

15. Displaying Earth- Our Beautiful Abode

The symbol of the earth. This is an innovative approach. The earth could be replaced with ‘O’ or ‘I’. It could as well be morphed into the background, the alphabets etc. Earth is often placed as hot air balloons in company’s logos. Be as creative as you can.

Beautiful Abode

16. Roads For The Beautiful Journey Ahead

It is an evergreen idea to use an image of the road to sweep your client right off their feet. The road is the heart and soul of travelling. This logo design could speak volumes for your business without even a word.

Beautiful Journey

17. Maps To Inspire Solo-Travelers

A colourful collage of maps is another idea to communicate your ethos. The maps could be playful and represented in sober colours for the text to be visible.


18. Flags Of The Nations

The maps could also be replaced by flags. Use either one flag or more. Just make sure to avoid clutter. Cluttering could be avoided by using a fine and light colour for boundaries. Use the space well.

Flags Of The Nations

19. The Beach Design

A symbol of fun and frolic, use it as a background, a sepia picture, a painting or fashion it into a stamp. The beach with radiate good vibes and promise the client of a great trip.

The Beach Design

20. A Plane Ticket Logo

A brilliant idea would be to fashion your logo, into a plane ticket. It is impossible for anyone to take their eyes off it. It is a new, brave and modern approach. With promises of readiness and confidence.

Ticket Logo

21. Logo With A Pristine Destination

Create logo ideas when the logo has a plain background. Choose the colour well. Have the sunrise in it. Let your client know that they will be taken safely into some pristine place, some place that they can unravel in.

Logo With A Pristine Destination

22. A Logo From Child’s Point Of View

Now, this is going to sound amateur but will prove otherwise. Have a child draw you a picture of ‘Nature’, with rivers houses, hills etc. which you can use in your travel logo design. Children view things differently. Let your client feel that their childhood dreams are about to come true. Childhood is the best time of one’s life, so should be the trip.

Logo From Child’s Point Of View

23. Images Of Snow-Clad Mountains

Place a picture of some pristine green or snow-clad mountain on your logo. Everyone feels the call of the mountains, so will your clients.

Snow-Clad Mountains

24. A Mark On Sand Leading To People’s Heart

How about a picture of footprints on the sand? Or the same idea placed in a different medium, geometrical designs, drawings, shadows. This logo would show that you walk the talk, plus, you have a dynamic pace. You believe in the movement just like your logo portrays.

People’s Heart

25. Pictography

Use it to represent a ship, a boat, an island, anything that goes with the theme and put a representative (happy!) traveller in it. Let the picture speak for itself.


26. Using Backpack As Logo Symbol

Have you considered the image of a backpack? The universal symbol of travellers? It is up to you to fit the idea into the logo relevantly. A drawing, a photograph, a background, anything should do the job well.

Logo Symbol

27. Go Plain

Use a plain coloured background, or make it slightly artistic with some basic print pattern and work calligraphy on it. Add a really small, meaningful one-liner message on it. There are many quotes on travelling; you could even make one by yourself. Ensure that the calligraphy is clear and readable and let it do the talking.

Go Plain

28. Go Indie

Choose a cool Sanskrit or Pali language mini quote for your business logo and provide a translation. Incorporate it in the logo design with ethnic colours, fonts and simplicity.

Go Indie

29. Stamp As A Logo

Fashion your logo into a stamp. Let it reflect upon the great experience and the great stamp collection your client is about to have.
Stamp As A Logo

30. Yacht For The One’s Who Love The Ocean

The symbol of a yacht. Let your client feel the need to sail away from the mundane daily routine, right into the heart of adventures. This travel logo design can easily be used by those offering yacht services so as to let customer know about the offering.

Love The Ocean

Some Tips To Keep In Mind While Designing A Logo:

  • It is essential that your logo has a story to tell or a meaning behind it.
  • Think well and create something that stands out from the rest. Plagiarism is a big NO.
  • The logo should not be limited to a particular audience. It must be designed in a way that people from all age groups can connect to it.
  • Do not make your logo too flashy or inculcate too many things into it. Keep it simple and neat.

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We hope the above ideas and tips would help you in creating an amazing travel logo design. For more counsel and great travel logo ideas, make sure to visit Designhill.

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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