19 Stunning Retail Packaging Design Ideas For Your Business

Packaging Design Ideas

Retail Packaging Design has been a staunch ally of marketing. Though it is a part of the branding and operations it has a significant influence on the brand positioning and sales of the products as well. The creative packaging design is as important as the quality of the product.

There are various factors to be considered while creating and deciding on the best retail packaging design for the product. Some brands follow a unique custom retail & product packaging while others make a few changes in their competitor’s packaging design.

Leading graphic Design companies like Designhill have initiated innovate trends in the market and have also guided budding graphic designers in coming up with creative retail packaging designs.

Here Are 19 Stunning Retail Packaging Design Ideas For Your Business

01. Shaped

The shape of the retail product packaging design has a specific magnetic pull towards the product. The shape defines every product and unique forms often work in favor of the product.

This is inclusive of the wrapping as well as the external packaging for the brand. Retail packaging design companies create an influence in shape rather than just the design of the package.

Some Of The Innovations In The Forms Include:

a). The Box

The box packaging -is one of the most common – types of the retail product packaging design. This shape comes with both smooth edges, sharp edges and is implemented in all types of materials.

However, there is a considerable scope of innovation in this shape such as in the positioning of the opening as well the pattern embedded on it. The use of different kinds of material for the custom retail packaging boxes and the introduction of various corners is highly encouraged in this type.

b). The Cuboid

Our favorite chocolate bar as well the most dreaded syrup comes in the cuboid shape. The structure, size and positioning of the lid play a vital role in this kind of packaging.

Most of these companies follow a top and bottom lid technique in these packages. Though it is a most common shape, there is a huge scope for innovation in this type.

c). The Circle

This trend is highly followed in the cosmetic, the beverage and the luxury industry. This kind of retail product packaging design comes in various sizes, and the lid has a vast scope of innovations.

Most companies and brand establish their individuality through their distinctive covers and caps. Different custom design packaging for the retail industry is being created on a regular basis by graphic design services.

d). The Multi-Sided Box

These designs are far and few in the market. There has been a considerable amount of operational difficulty in this shape. The shape has been a success in the niche industries.

Although, mass productions of the multiple-sided forms could be a distant dream. This kind is slowly infiltrating the market through its perception and visibility.

e). The Surprise

What’s in a shape? Custom retail packaging boxes need not have a specific shape to it. However, consistency should be maintained while opting for this type of creative retail packaging design.

Some graphic designers challenge themselves and provide visually as well as sensually pleasing shapes for the consumer. This could be a combination of different shapes or a distinctive shape by itself.

02. Colour

The colour is the primary factor which creates an impact on the consumer. The visual stimuli develop a sense of excitement and anticipation for the consumer.

Though colours have a psychological response, some creative retail packaging designs do not follow the unique trend and have also succeeded in winning the customer.

These best retail packaging designs have served as the industry trend and define the behavior in that particular industry.

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03. The Sharp And Sleek

We emotionally associate the colour purple with chocolate, and the credit goes to ‘Mondolez International’. The company maintain the brand colour as the base for its various products, and it has been quite successful for the brand.

The tone is sharp, and it defines leadership in that industry. A bright touch to the colour can provide a sleek custom retail and product packaging design.

04. The Eco-Friendly Type

All of us care about the environment and attempt to protect it in the way we can. Some retail packaging design companies have monetized this sentiment and have created eco-friendly retail packaging designs.

The little brown colour is always associated with this theme, and it also highlights the brand tone.

05. The Transparent Package

Some companies prefer a transparent packaging, and it proves to be a challenge to the graphic designing companies. Designhill, the best retail packaging Design Company has mastered this art and have successfully designed many transparent package designs for their clients.

The colour associated with these packages should complement the tone of the product. The shelf life and the colour changes associated with it should be considered.

06. The Bold And Beautiful

Custom design packaging for retail companies includes strong colours with extended secondary highlights. These bold choices have worked remarkably for most brands, and the combination has served as a distinction.

Companies, irrespective of these industries have followed this technique and have experimented with different colour schemes. These custom retail & product packaging design also include different patterns and shapes.

07. The Simple And Elegant

Some brands follow a simplistic approach to their custom retail packaging. They create a sophisticated modern design on a plain or neutral background. These packaging designs are known to be prevalent in the urbane market. The combinations might differ, but the theme remains the same.

08. Product

The retail packaging design might differ based on the product or service rendered. This is mainly due to the feasibility and usability.

There are specific guidelines to be followed for the safety of these products, and the retail packaging design companies must implement the same in the product. These vary for various industries and companies.

09. The Edible

The primary point to be considered while preparing the custom retail & product packaging design for a consumable product depends highly on the shelf life.

There have been various modernizations in this field, and newer products have been created to increase consumer welfare. Extra care should be taken to include the necessary accreditation and instructions in the packaging design.

10. The Accessorise

This custom design packaging for retail companies is created to enhance the consumer’s life. The packaging should be in line with the product quality and add more value to the product.

These products are considered to be an icon of lifestyle embodiment and the packaging design should communicate the same message.

11. The Memoir

This is low volume high price sector where excellence is the middle name of this industry. There is high scope for creating the best retail packaging design for these products.

The low production costs have aided the creative retail packaging design companies in creating wonders in the field.

12. The Inner Sections

It is the responsibility of every design company to maintain the uniformity and elegance of the retail packaging design in the inner package as well.

The good news is that brands are open to variation as long as the brand theme remains the same. These designs are highly accepted and implemented in the FMCG industries.

13. The Outer Wrapper

Retail Product Packaging design does not end with the product packaging. This also includes the box or pallet which is used for operational and safety issues.

These packages are the first to be seen by the consumer, and there is a strong need to maintain the brand identity. Professional retail packaging design companies understand the importance of -brand image and deliver the desired result.

14. Quality

Though the work of a graphic designer pretty much stops with the designing part, it is essential to visualise and savour the end product to determine the success of the retail packaging design.

Every design attains its fulfillment only when the consumer cherishes the final products. It is vital to consider the material and the type of printing before finalizing the draft.

15. Feel The Material

Every element has a different perception and conveys a unique story. Some materials complement the product while others enhance the excitement.

All retail packaging design companies should consider the feel of the material and envision the outcome while they prepare the design. The printing, the finish, the emboss, etc. plays an essential role in the packaging design.

16. Think About Protection

Every packaging design however creative and exquisite is created for a purpose. Always consider the logistical process as well the temperature conditions while formulating a model.

The custom retail & product packaging design should be feasible at all times under any circumstances without compromising the quality of the product and the package.

17. See The Appeal

As a child, I used to buy specific products or prefer particular brands because of the attractiveness of the icon or image on the cover.

Though the product quality might be the reason for customer retention, the retail packaging design is the reason for brand appeal. A best retail packaging Design Company like Designhill knows the secret of creating the charm.

18. Hear The Crackle

All our senses play a requisite role in consumer behaviour. Though we might argue that we have a strong logical reason behind every product we purchase.

Our senses strongly influence the buying pattern. Like every other product, the retail packaging design has a symphony associated with it. The design created should be in sync with this crackle.

19. Smell The Product

Every new product has an aroma, the new dress, the ticking watch, the crispy chips, a brand new car. However, the smell is not always associated with the product inside.

Some brands create custom retail & product packaging design with specific fragrance to entice the consumer. This has the power to sway the judgement on behalf of the product.

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Though most companies never serve old wine in a new bottle or at least that is what we like to believe, packaging design has a significant say in the customer behavior. The past few decades have seen a great deal of experimentation and innovation in the market. The industry still has a broad avenue for new trends in retail packaging design and the field is open for all.

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