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40 Awesome Packaging Designs For Your Inspiration

Jelly Shah by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Packaging - 6 min read

Last updated on November 20th, 2017

Imagine this – You are walking down the supermarket aisle, referring to the shopping list on your app. And just right around the corner in a super attractive display, you find bottled flavored milk. The bottles with attractive packaging designs catch your attention, you pick not just one but two of them on a whim, even though you don’t remember the last time you bought flavored milk!

That’s impulse buying for you and the power of packaging.

Packaging is important for all kinds of products; it’s one of the first touch points of a consumer and makes the consumer want to purchase the product. In the era of variety when every product has multiple variants, and as many brands, it’s necessary to stand out from the competition. This is where packaging design comes into the picture.We have some of the best packaging design ideas that will inspire you to create functional yet appealing packaging design.

Here Are 40 Awesome Packaging Designs For Your Inspiration

1. Use Category Imagery –

If your product is popular with an icon, use it along with the product name to create instant recognition.

food packaging design

2. Iconize The Product –

Instead of a photograph, create stylized icons of the product itself, which can be used in multiple formats.

Box Packaging Design

3. Make It Comical –

Cartoons are not just for kids, some products can carry off fun imagery even if it is not exclusively meant for children.

Food Packaging Design Ideas

4. Keep It Minimalist –

Sleek, minimalist designs are not going out of fashion anytime soon. This packaging works especially for health related products.

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Personal Care Packaging Design

5. Show The Product –

Instead of a simple, clear showcase, use the product innovatively with the design to highlight the use of the product.

Pharma Packaging Design

6. Make It Collectible –

The entire range of products can be made in a collection so that the consumer would want to collect all the versions.

Wine Packaging Design

7. Just Go Bizarre –

Take the packaging and turn it on its head. Completely change the traditional packaging to something more functional and unique.

Fruit Packaging Design

8. Make It Functional –

Make the packaging useful by completing a task related to the product itself, so the consumer does not need anything else.

Ice Cream Packaging Design

9. Make It Elegant –

A daily product does not have to be boring and unoriginal, use imagery that can change the look from boring to elegant.

beer packaging design

10. Remove The Excess –

Both paper and plastic are detrimental to the environment, remove the excess and showcase your product at the same time. Many packaging designers at Designhill are especially working with FMCG companies to create such designs.

Product Packaging Design

11. Make It Appealing –

Some products are consumed from the packaging like bottled drinks, make them pleasing and appealing to drink from.

Bottle Packaging Design

12. Create A Color Theme –

Certain colors remind us of certain things, for example, blue goes for sea, green for trees, etc. Use this instant connection in your packaging.

color packaging design

13. Be Inspired By Nature –

Get imagery and inspiration from nature related to your product, you can highlight this is with beautiful illustrations and images.

Green Packaging Design

14. Say No To Stereotype –

Feminine products usually are typecast the most, move away from the mold and see the consumers thronging your way!

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Health Care Packaging Design

15. Create Limited Edition –

The quirky and attractive limited editions will create an urgency and stimulate impulse buying unlike anything else.

drink packaging

16. Create Authenticity –

Many ready to eat foods urge consumers to move away from home cooked, but the packaging can make them feel like it’s as good as homemade.

foods packaging design

17. Break The Monotony –

A shoe goes in a box, but what if it doesn’t? Break the rules and think out of the box for such packaging.

product packaging design

18. Make It A Masterpiece –

Create a masterpiece on your product, use high end or eclectic art as a part of the packaging to bring art closer to the consumer.

Creative Packaging Design

19. Use Natural Materials –

Today consumers love organic, and natural products include natural materials in your packaging too! A plus one for environment conservation.

organic packaging design

20. Two Products In One –

Give the consumer the option of using the product with the help of packaging. This is great for ready to eat products.

Innovative Packaging Design


21. Become Creative –

Think of all the ways in which the product can be used and include it in the imagery in the packaging, for instance, earbuds equals music, which equals music notes!

Creative Packaging Design


22. Jump Into Trends –

Media & Movies create a lot of hype among consumers, make your products more appealing by jumping onto trends of the day with licensing and unique packaging.

Limited Edition Packaging

23. Make It Useful –

Lot of products are not multi-use yet can be consumed over a period of time. For instance chips, you don’t want them to go soft so simply close the packaging back!

chips packaging design

24. Include An Action –

Encourage the consumer to participate in the unveiling process of the product to make it more exciting.

Smirnoff Packaging Design


25. Make A Joke –

Packaging need not and should not be straight forward, include an element of fun in the packaging especially for children’s products.

Funny Packaging

26. Let The Fun Begin –

Your product can engage the consumer with its quirky design and yet be easy to use.

Tea Packaging Design

27. Connect The Dots –

Your packaging can instantly let the consumer connect the dots between the brand and the actual product.

brand name

28. Make It Beautiful –

Consumers love pretty products, especially if you can use them well. Incorporating beautiful elements will only enhance the product features.

elements packaging

29. Make A Statement –

Several products need to make a statement along with the consumption, be fearless in the design.

product design

30. Connect Use And Product –

Let the product packaging remind the consumer of using the product at the right time. Often the products remain unused because of lack of recall.

product design

31. Bring Other Elements –

Use other elements or products and utilize it in your packaging. For instance, the pull tab flyers are very popular, but the idea remains the same, give information to anyone on the go.

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32. It’s A Blank Canvas –

The entire product is your canvas, consider all the aspects of the packaging where you design can be used.

canvas packaging

33. Keep It Simple –

Don’t shy away from keeping it simple if all it takes to differentiate from other products in the category is to do that!

simple packaging

34. Go Big, Go BOLD –

Even if it seems in the face, sometimes the big and bold is required to grab the attention of the consumer.

big and bold packaging

35. Attend To The Purpose –

Many products are only given as gifts if your product is one of a kind then ensure that your buyer does not have to put in additional packaging thought to it.

gifts packaging

36. Textures & Features –

Use elements like textures for the grip of the product or other features which will help the consumer use the product.

grip packaging

37. Let The Color Pop –

Colors, especially bright shiny colors will naturally draw attention to the products in the aisle.

Color Pop

38. Get Funky –

Your product packaging design can go as wild as you possibly want it to! Involve elements that are related yet unheard of. Experts at Designhill opine that this is the best technique to draw customer interest!



39. Focus On The Product –

One of the best ways to in fact design the package is by showcasing the product itself and nothing else.

product packaging

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40. Go Into Unchartered Territory –

Think completely out of the box, use designs or elements that are not used for your product category but for others and find out the best way to go about it.


Do you know of any other inspirational packaging designs? Do let us know in the comments below.

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