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Barcode maker is a simple tool that helps you to create EAN-8, QR, UPC-A, code 128, code39, EAN- 13, and ITF barcodes. The symbologies discussed here cover a wide range of usages such as logistics, product identification, inventory procurement, management and advertising. As far as a barcode is concerned, it’s a way of representing your data in a visual and machine-learning format. It helps in inventory control by allowing easy tracking of goods.


Designhill's online barcode generator is quick, precise and easy to use. It helps you to make your own barcode.

All you need to do is to—

  • Enter the value.
  • The barcode creator will generate the barcode instantly.
  • If you don't want the value to appear below the barcode, uncheck the box before the "Download" button.
  • Once done, download the barcode image file.

That's it! Within seconds, you'll have a new barcode that you'll be able to print on a label. Designhill's free barcode generator makes it easy for you to generate customized barcodes. The barcode maker supports standard barcodes that are easily readable and printable by commonly used barcode scanners and printers including 2D barcode scanners. The tool provides you full control over dimensions, density, margins and other features of your barcode label.

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Barcodes make your business operations smooth. You may ask how? They provide you with a method to keep track of your goods. You can also store information related to your merchandise irrespective of the stock size. Look at these benefits if you need more reasons to start using barcodes.

  • Error prevention: Manually entering information leads to tracking errors. It impacts the accuracy of your inventory. Barcodes prevent errors. They are 10,000 times more precise than manual entries.
  • Huge inventory tracking & management: Businesses maintaining inventories in millions can easily track their inventory.
  • Speedy checkouts: As barcodes can be scanned easily, it makes checkout quick. Billing representatives don't need to type the price of the goods. All they need is to scan the barcodes.
  • Cost savings: Because barcodes prevent errors, they save a lot of money. It eliminates the use of manual tracking system and extra workforce.
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