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Jewelry Business

An appropriately named jewelry business can help drive customers to a newly opened shop. A unique but simple name also is a way to compete in a market, which already has plenty of enterprises vying for building a solid base of loyal customers. But naming a business is not an easy task in most cases.

To run a new jewelry business successfully, you need to plan it well. Some unique marketing ideas will propel your small jewelry enterprise from its initial stage to the next level quickly.

But you should start the marketing process only after naming your jewelry unit appropriately. This is an essential first step. Many businesses take the naming stage lightly and end up losing customers.

Your small unit has to compete hard to make a place for itself. Hundreds of small and big jewelry ventures are already operating in a market. According to a report, in the United States, the jewelry industry generates $ 71.3 billion annually with the retail sales increasing by around 4%.

So, the demand for your jewelry products is there in your niche. Still, you need some effective marketing efforts to promote your business. This is where your jewelry business names play a crucial role.

Jewelry Business Name Ideas

Your jewelry business should win customers all the time. A memorable and unique jewelry business name of your company is the first step to get recognition amid customers. This short list of jewelry business names will help you pick the right name for your own company.

1. Jewelry Empire

2. Golden Touch

3. Premium Jewelry Place

4. Diamond House

5. Gemstone Place

6. Classic Jewelry

7. Charming Stone Crafts

8. Angle Diamonds

9. House Of Royal Jewelry

10. Jewelry Paradise

A business name is instrumental in telling the customers about what type of jewelry your company makes and sells. The customers can immediately know what your business stands for; in terms of business values. But naming a business requires you to follow some basics carefully.

Here Are Some Key Consideration For Naming A Jewelry Business

01. Pick A Name For Your Niche

First, make it sure that the name you pick for your jewelry business reflect the niche you are in. Jewelry is a vast industry divided into several sectors and sub-sectors. For example, jewelry is not just about women’s earrings, necklaces, and other ornaments.

Even men’s watches with some diamonds and other precious metals are categorized as jewelry. So, be specific about your niche in this business? That niche should be mentioned in the name.

When your base the name on the niche, it also helps in creating a suitable jewelry logo design that will be the face of your new business for the customers. So, ensure that the customers can know about your business precisely by your name.

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02. Research Your Competitors

While naming your custom made jewelry business, another point to consider is researching your competitors’ business names. What sorts of names they have for their business in your niche?

That is an important question to answer as the name should stand out from so many others in your market. A unique name will surely help you catch the customers’ attention.

Also, know that with a unique name that stands out, your jewelry brands logo will also look different from many logos in your niche market. So, along with the name you can make a lasting impact on the potential customers using your logo.

03. Consider Your Brand Message

Every business that is run professionally tries to stand out by conveying a unique brand message to its target customers. These messages often come in the form of a slogan or statement.

For example, ‘Just do it’ is the message from Nike and ‘Save money live better’ is the message from Walmart. Find out a name that reflects your brand message in some way.

Your logo designer also may use it in creating your logo. So, how you position your brand should also reflect in your company name.

04. Brainstorm

Another effective trick to get a name for jewelry business is to get suggestions from your friends or members of your company. Get them to sit together for a brainstorming session. You can ask them to come out with some relevant names for your business randomly.

But the session should not be just about churning out names. There should be some discussion about the pros and cons of the names you shortlist.

But ensure that the names you have shortlisted are simple and short so that they can fit well within a small space of your jewelry company logo design. Remember that after picking the name, the next logical step will be to create your company logo as it will be the face of your business.

05. Choose A Simple Name

Choose a simple business name. People should be able to pronounce the name without any difficulty. Such a name is memorable, which is a desirable characteristic. Avoid using any complex words that people have not heard before.

Just a simple name that can represent your business values is good enough for your jewelry company. With such a name, your jewelry business logo design too will look simple, unique, and impressive. Do not forget that the name is likely to be incorporated in your logo.

06. Play With Words

Sometimes, playing with words gives you a new and exciting name for your business. To do that, just add or subtract some words or alphabets to the main word. You can also explore some famous names.

Add a similar sounding word to it, and you can have a new name for your jewelry company. With such wordplay and an exciting name, you create a logo that is good enough to drive customers’ attention to your business.

07. Consider Your Brand Personality

A brand personality is all about giving a brand some human-like characteristics and adjectives such as funny, creative, rebel, honest, caring, unique, etc.

So, what set of human traits would you like to give your brand? If you know them precisely, then make sure that they are present in your jewelry business name.

When you pick a name that speaks out your brand personality, it dramatically helps in building a true brand identity of your business. That matters a lot for turning your potential customers into loyal ones.

09. Explore Name Generators

You can also take help from free business name generator sites that are plenty on the web. The software is helpful when you want to have a quick list of names. Most of such names look mechanical and quirky.

But some of the names are simple and unique. When using the name generator site, avoid having the same name. Instead, twist the word that you like to create a new name that suits your jewelry business.

However, keep this in mind that such names only give you an idea. Use the software to get some inspirational names and not the last way to name your business.

Your professional graphic designer will love to create a logo, brochure, business cards, etc around a unique and memorable name of your jewelry shop.

10. Check For Domain Availability

Now that you have four to five names shortlisted for your custom jewelry online business, it is time to see which of them are available as a domain. You will need domain such as .com or .net to put graphic designs of your jewelry on your jewelery website.

So, visit sites such as GoDaddy and check if the name you picked is available as a domain name as well.

The same sites also let you know about the domains that the owners are willing to sell. If your desired domain has already been taken and is up for sale, then grab it; especially if it is a .com domain.

11. Ensure Trademark Registration

Having your jewelry business name registered as a trademark is important. If you get the trademark, no one can misuse your established brand name by corrupting it in many ways.

Remember that after you have made a name for your jewelry products, you would like to protect the reputation and image of your brand.

This means that when you hire graphic design services to design your logo, which is your trademark along with the name, it should be preserved and protected from any possible infringement.

But make sure that some jewelry business owner has not registered the name. Check the trademark registration availability with your state authority.

12. Get Feedback

Now that you have pinpointed a name, do not pet your back until you take a second opinion. Sometimes, we are too close to the entire naming process and fail to get people’s perspective.

Therefore, you should involve your friends, neighbors, relatives, and even your followers on social media in the naming process. When getting feedback, besides naming ideas, ask for their suggestions on other issues, such as jewelry display ideas they have in mind. Undoubtedly, their valuable suggestions can contribute to your business growth.

How about running a poll by asking your people to vote for the best names out of four to five names that you have picked. This is the way to know how people will react to a business name. So, it is essential that you get feedback from whoever matters.

After getting the suggestions, you can settle for a better name, which will look great on your jewelry business card design, logo, brochures, and host of other promotional materials.

So, these key points should be followed as part of the process of naming your jewelry business. You have to try hard to find out an appropriate name that not just drive the attention, but it also is a tool to build your identity in a competitive jewelry niche.

After you are finished with the naming process, the next step is to create a logo that is the face of your upcoming business. Apart from the logo, other things you will need is a website, business card, brochures, etc. that need to be designed professionally.

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Your jewelry business name matters a lot to the consumers. They get some positive signals from a unique but simple name about a business. But make sure that the name helps in building your brand identity. Such a name must also be your registered trademark and domain name.

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