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How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Cleaning Company

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Cleaning Company

Last updated on February 14th, 2023

Your new cleaning company has to compete in a highly competitive market. You can counter your competitors with a cleverly planned marketing campaign. But first, you need the perfect name for your new company to drive the attention of your potential customers.

The cleaning business is booming everywhere in big and small cities as people want their homes and commercial settings spunky clean. In fact, many sects and sub-sects have opened-up in this industry with the rise in the demand for commercial, residential and specialty cleaning services.

According to a report, around 875,000 cleaning businesses were running in the U.S in 2015. In 2018, janitorial cleaning services generated $61 billion as revenue in the U.S. So, the market for all types of cleaning companies is growing at a rapid pace. This means that there is a good scope of growth for a new cleaning company.

However, not all the companies can grow on expected lines as they lack in effective marketing strategies. One such basic strategy has a good company name. Do not take the name of your company lightly as it has the potential to benefit and harm your business.

People get the first impression and brand message from the name. So, make sure that you picked the right name that is simple, unique and memorable for the customers.

Remember that name is something that you either get right away in an inspirational moment, or you may take several days to finalize it. In most of the cases, the companies have to go through a set process to finally get a compelling and relevant name for their cleaning business.

Here Are Some Key Points To Consider When Naming Your Cleaning Business

01. Consider Your Cleaning Niche

First, decide on what niche market you want to target. The Cleaning business is vast, meaning that almost all aspect of our home and commercial lives are now covered by cleaning services. So, which type of cleaning business you want to operate?

Are you in home cleaning business or are you interested in providing commercial cleaning services? Or, is specialty cleaning services such as dry cleaning is your forte? So, first make up your mind about the niche.

Consider Your Cleaning Niche

Once you have decided the sect and sub-sect of the cleaning business your company wishes to run, the naming process becomes much easier. All you need to do is to focus on the niche while finding out the adequate name.

02. Check Your Competition

The second thing to find out is the names of your competitors’ cleaning companies in your niche. Make a list of such businesses in your vicinity. There must be dozens of them around your company office.

Check Your Competition

Just as you observe the list, you know that these are the words you should not include in your company name to stand out. This list will guide you to find out a name that does not resemble the other names.

03. Pick An Easy But Catchy Name

Make it a point that you pick a name that people can pronounce with ease. Do not think of a name that proves to be a tongue-twister for an average customer.

With such a name, your company will send out wrong signals to the customers. They may take your business as unprofessional.

Catchy Name For Cleaning Company

It is also to be noted here that a hard-to-pronounce name also will also ruin the impression of your cleaning service logo. Since the name will be on the logo, people may visualize your company and its services in a bad light.

Therefore, pick a name that is simple and easy to pronounce. It would be even better if it is a catchy name that drives customers’ attention immediately.

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04. Use Some Wordplay

How about playing with words? This is the tactics that many companies use to come out with a unique name. Remember that most names have already been used and taken.

This is the reason that business owners are twisting some idioms and words to create something catchy.

Use Some Wordplay

For example, a flowering business company is named as Floral and Hardy after the famous comedian characters Laurel and Hardy. This company name catches the attention right away, which is so vital for a new business. Can you come out with something like that in naming your cleaning company?

With a catchy and amusing name in your company’s house cleaning logo, it will make a lasting impression on the customers. The logo is, after all, your most used visual identity.

05. Brainstorm For Several Ideas

Another effective way to get the right name for your cleaning company is to ask your company’s team members to sit together for a brainstorming session.

Ask them to give their opinions about naming the company. You should encourage them to discuss the pros and cons of the names that emerge up during the session.

Brainstrom Ideas for Catering Company

However, set some outlines also to guide the members. Tell them the names that are not required and also the names that are most preferred for your company. Tell them that any name they suggest should help in building your company’s brand identity.

06. Explore Name Generators

Besides brainstorming, you should also explore some free business name generator tools & software on the web. These are useful tools to randomly generate a long list of potential names for your business.

Explore Name Generators

Just as you type keywords related to your cleaning niche, you get dozens of company name suggestions. You may or may not like those names, but the tool is useful in churning out a good list of names. Try using several such tools and see if some names really catch your attention.

You can even discuss these names with your team or add some words to create a new name. There are endless possibilities of creating a unique name out of other suggestions from this software.

After all, your logo designer will also have some inspiration out of your company name to create an impressive logo. So, the tool may suggest you some exciting list of names.

07. Have It As A Domain Name

When you have shortlisted some names for your cleaning company, check how many of them are available as a domain name. A domain address is essential to have if you wish to put your cleaning business on the web.

You will create a logo to identify your business, but you will need a website also to display your cleaning services, contact information and a lot of related details of your business and industry on your web pages.

For that, you need a domain name. It would be good if your company name is your domain address as well so that potential customers can easily find your business.

Domain Name as Catering Company

You should prefer getting a .com domain, which people take as a symbol of trust and confidence. If someone already owns the desired domain name, see if the owner is willing to sell it.

But you can also try other domains such as .net in is not available. You should also check out some custom TLDs, which are the prefix such as .company, .cleaning, and .service, etc.

08. It Should Be Available As A Trademark

When you hire a professional graphic designer to design your logo, you are, in fact, creating your trademark. Later on, you will register the trademark as your unique identity so that others cannot use or misuse it.

But the logo may also have your company name as well. So, the name and logo both become your trademark. This is the reason that you need to register your cleaning company name as a trademark.

Available As A Trademark

Therefore, check with the relevant state and federal authorities if the name is available for registration. If some business owner has already registered the name, you will not get it. So, try another name from your list.

09. Ask For Public Comments

Even if you find a name satisfactory, it is always better to get a second opinion from your friends, relatives, and even your followers on social media. So, talk about the name you picked with your friends and neighbors or whoever matters to get their thoughts on it.

If you find that most of them disagree with the name selection, think of getting a new name. After all, people’s opinion should be given some thought.

Ask For Public Comments

Moreover, you will be hiring graphic design services when you are ready to promote your cleaning company. At that time, an effective name will even inspire new design ideas for your logo, business cards, websites, brochures, etc.

These are some of the primary but vital points you must consider to find out the perfect name for your upcoming cleaning company. You will need some patience as the naming process may take some more days to complete.

Once the name is in place, the next phase will be to create some nice logos, cards, brochures, websites, etc. visuals as an identity of your cleaning business.

For that, you can depend on Designhill, a leading source of powerful but cost-effective design solutions for small and medium business owners.

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Your cleaning company must have a unique name that stands out from your competitor company names. To get such a name idea, brainstorm with your team members. But keep your cleaning niche, brand message, and brand personality in mind. The name should also be available as a domain and trademark with the authorities. With these steps, you can ensure a unique name that is different from your competitors’ name.

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