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How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Fitness Business

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Business Name Ideas

Fitness Business

Last updated on February 11th, 2023

The fitness industry is booming on the back of increasing number of health-conscious people demanding new fitness products and services. Your new fitness business such as a gym or health coaching center can grow fast if people recognize its quality services. But giving your business an effective name is a good step before making some marketing plans.

Over the last years, the health coaching industry has been witnessing overwhelming 40 percent increasing growth with no sign of any decrease shortly. Majority of people want to live a healthy life today, and this change in thinking brings them to health clubs such as gyms.

They want to make essential changes in their lifestyle habits, compelling them to take up fitness exercises. There are more than 36180 health clubs in the U.S only, and the number is increasing by at least 4.8 percent per year. This indicates to the flourishing fitness industry.

Since you’re thinking of starting a fitness business, some marketing plans may be emerging in your mind. But keep those plans for a later stage. The first and foremost thing to consider is the name of your business. Do not take the name lightly as it reflects what you do and what your brand message is for the target audience. In fact, a wrongly picked name can even break the business. So, pick the name carefully.

However, naming your gym, coaching center or any other health club is not easy. So many names come to mind immediately when set out to name your club. But not all of them are effective. There may be some names that you like but you, later on, find that other clubs already take them.

Here is a list of Name Ideas for Fitness Business

Fitness Business Name Ideas

1. Plus Fitness

2. GreenTree Fitness

3. FourSeasons Fitness

4. Guru Fitness Gym

5. HotSpot Fitness

6. Proactive Health Center

7. BayView Gym

8. Jim’s Fitness Center

9. EFitness

10. Bright Gym

Have A Look At How To Generate Business Name Ideas For Fitness Business

01. Consider The Type Of Fitness Business You Run

The fitness industry is adding new types of fitness services with each passing year. Conventional gyms and health clubs are still running successfully. But entrepreneurs are coming with new fitness business ideas too. Some of the new ideas are — becoming a physical therapist, starting a spinning class, being a personal trainer, starting a walking club, starting a power lifting gym, opening a yoga studio, starting a dance studio, and even a juice bar.

Consider The Type Of Fitness Business You Run

So, keep in mind the type of fitness services you want to run. This is important as the name should tell the customers about the specific services you deliver. Do not also forget that a suitable name will also be the basis for creating your fitness logo design, which will be your primary visual identity displayed on your advertisements and marketing campaigns.

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02. Decide On Your Goals

Setting your business goals may not seem as directly linked with naming your business, but it has its own influence over picking the right name. So, what exactly you want to achieve by delivering a fitness service? Do not say that you want to earn money as that is something every company intends to do. When writing down your goals of the fitness business, always think of giving something valuable to the health-conscious people. You may want to bring a positive change in people’s lifestyles and make them mentally and physically happy.

Decide On Your Goals

Once you have written down your specific goal of the business, consider that when shortlisting some names around those objectives. The name that reflects the goal is effective for your business. Moreover, for instance, such a name will also make a good gym logo design for your new gym business. The name and the design of logo both will make a good impact on the potential customers.

03. Brainstorm New Ideas

Brainstorming always works. This is because rather than one person many people think over a problem. It’s an excellent way to come out with more ideas. This is true also for naming your business. As a business owner, you may be having some names in mind, but your friends, team members can give you some brilliant names too. So, how about having some brainstorming sessions?

Brainstorm New Ideas

But make sure that you have first set some outlines for naming. If the team members know which types of names will not be considered, they will save time by not including those ideas. You can also tell them what name will go well with your fitness center logo. So, the limitations should be known beforehand to the member before brainstorming for the naming ideas.


04. Think Of A Simple Name

A simple name is always a winner over a complicated name. A complex name is the one that is difficult to pronounce due to the use of a weird combination of sounds. Such names are a tongue-twister also that people do not like. However, some business owners think that such difficult names stand out. But the fact is that people like the names that they can quickly pronounce. These are also memorable names.

Think Of A Simple Name

Take for example these simple fitness business names – Better Shape, Crazy Abbs, Super Solid, Remain Fit, Body Curve, Fit Gear, and Next Level Fitness. Can you come out with such simple but effective names that are easy to pronounce and also convey what precisely the objective of your fitness center is? With such a name, your logo designer also will be inspired to create a memorable logo as an identity of your business.

05. It Should Build An Identity

A company name is not just a name for the customers and people to recognize products or services, but it’s the primary objective of having a name for any business. A carefully named business or company is able to build some brand identity as well. If the name is appropriate and reflects the fitness services a health club delivers, it helps in establishing the club as a brand.

It Should Build An Identity

So, discuss amongst your friend and team members if the name is good enough to turn your business into a brand or not.

06. Research Your Competitors’ Business Names

Take note of your competitors’ business names as well. There may be dozens of fitness clubs in your city. Make a list of their names and see how your fitness business name can stand out. Do not use those words to avoid similarity. Remember that a unique name is the first thing that your potential customers will be attracted to before they think of using your fitness services.

Research Your Competitors’ Business Names

A name that stands out will also help you create unique logos, business cards, brochures, etc as your graphic designer will take inspiration and ideas from the name.

07. Use Name Generating Software

Many business-name generating software can also be explored to churn out a long list of unique names. Just type some keywords related to your fitness services and you’ll get dozens of names.

Use Name Generating Software

However, these names should be used as an idea or a hint and not a dependable source. Since many other businesses also use business name generator tools and softwares, the chances are that a particular name is already in use. Moreover, most such names look artificial and weird. When you set out to create a logo for your fitness business, such strange names can ruin the effect of the design.

08. Check Its Domain Availability

After you have picked a name through brainstorming sessions or individually, find out if it can be used as a domain name. A domain name is the one that you need to have for launching your fitness business online so that customers can find it using the web.

Check Its Domain Availability

However, getting the same name that you liked for your gym or any other fitness business as a domain is usually difficult. If you cannot get it as a .com name, try different variations such as .net to get the domain. To check the domain availability, visit GoDaddy or other places. It is after you have ascertained a domain for your business that you should look for new graphic design ideas for business cards, websites, etc.

09. Get It Registered With Authorities

Your fitness business name is also your trademark along with your logo. So, do not finalize a name before confirming its availability as a trademark with the authorities. Visit your state or federal authorities to check if the name can be registered. It may be that some other business has already registered the name. In that case, you will infringe the rights of other companies.

Get It Registered With Authorities

You should also hire graphic design services of a professional to design your fitness business logo and then register it as your trademark along with the business name.

So, these are the key things to take into account when naming your fitness business. Do not name your business in a hurry; instead, take your time. The naming process may even take weeks to complete.

Once you have finally given a simple but unique name to your business, it is about time to start building its visual identity. You can do so by creating an impressive logo, website, brochures, business cards, etc marketing materials for brand promotion. Here, Designhill is an affordable source of getting a host of design items to promote your business online and offline.

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Your fitness business should have a simple, unique, and memorable name that reflects the services you deliver. But the naming process takes time as you brainstorm through several naming ideas — consider your competitors’ business names, its availability as domain name and trademark, etc.

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