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Animal & Pet Logo & Brand Identity required
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Animal & Pet Logo & Brand Identity required By Michael Knauss

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Note : Design brief last updated on 7 May, 2019
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Animal & Pet Logo & Brand Identity required

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Good Dog Unlimited
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Animal & Pet
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Hello! I am super passionate about starting a company I can get behind. My life long passion has always been dogs. Training, walking, and enriching the lives of both the owner and (more importantly for the dog :)) my love for working dogs started as a kid hunting with dogs. That is what started it all. My favorite brands and what I am trying to replicate with my own twist is SOUTHERN OAK KENNELS. Think yeti, Patagonia, ducks unlimited, SOK^. simple brand, strong, masculine font. I would like a yellow lab as the logo, but done in a UNIQUE way, like pencil sketch maybe. Tons of ideas :) (honestly check out southern oak kennels, that is the company I am trying to make essentially. The lab is logo is the key, I am really looking for a classic yellow lab, done in a really cool way. NOT CARTOONY or Childish, but a really nice classic good looking dog. (the yellow/reddish lab is my favorite, the attached image is the father of the puppy I am getting. Target audience, is ppl who want there dogs walked, boarded, and most importantly trained. a tired dog is a good dog, I want to help ppl have well behaved, trained dogs that can go anywhere with them. Wether you hunt or not, having a well mannered trained dog is extremely important. I want to enrich ppls lives by allowing them to spend more time wit there 4 legged friend by having a better behaved pooch. I attached some cool ideas, clearly I need help with direction. The
What feelings do you want your logo to provoke?
I want to envoke the feeling of outdoors, man and his best friend, I want it to be truly about the bond between man and dog. How we can make dogs lives better and how they can make our lives better. But my favorite brands and logos, are for the outdoors man. Get out in the world with you dog and explore life. I want ppl to be inspired to go places with there dog, teach, train, and experience life with mans best friend. I like working dogs, hunting dogs, emotional support, service, protection.
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Light neutrals

Other colors: YELLOW/REDDISH LAB is the Color i am thinking
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