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By Mazharqbal pro
Telecommunications Brochure Design required
Robert Walter paid $349 for a new Brochure Design and received 21 designs from 11 Designers.
Robert Walter United States
“ I was at a loss for creating an attractive brochure for a tradeshow. I had all the information and images I wanted to present, but it looked dull and ininteresting and I was running out of time. Designhill was quick, easy, inexpensive and provided a spectacular brochure design. I will definately useagain and again. ”
By Mazharqbal pro

Telecommunications Brochure Design required By Robert Walter

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Note : Design brief last updated on 27 September, 2018
Contest title

Telecommunications Brochure Design required

Select your industry
Other : Telecommunications - Fiber-Optics
What is your organization name?
APIC Corporation
Who is the target audience for your brochure?
This is for attendees of the Microwave Photonics Conference sponsored by IEEE. https://mwp-2018.sciencesconf.org/
Target audience is electronic, electro-optical, and radio frequenct (RF) engineers, scientists, CTOs, program managers, etc. all ages, genders, etc.

The purpose is to:
attract customers to purchase products
attract attention to our website to get more information and education via URLs and QC
increase name/brand recognition and association with high-performance products
Do you have ideas about the visual style you want?
Like any good marketing tool:
- eye catching/captivating
- informative, but not boring
- make them curious
What kind of brochure do you want designed?
  • Half-fold (4 Sides)
What size paper will your brochure be using?
  • A4 (Folds To A5) Most Popular
What is required on the front of your brochure?
High Fidelity RF Over Fiber

Company Logo

Relevant eye-catching images or graphics
What is required in the body of your brochure?

Product Showcase - Pictures of products and specifications
What is required on the back cover of your brochure?
Company Overview
Company Address
Contact Information
Is there anything that should be avoided?
Must be in good taste.
Required file format
  • (1) Jpeg
  • (2) Png
  • (3) Bmp
  • (4) Gif
  • (5) Other - pdf
Visual Brief - Style
Visual Brief - Color




Let designers make suggestions

Other colors: Don't let color preferences limit your creative vision
Visual Brief - Font
Other fonts: No preference - so long as it is readable

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