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Communications Email Design required by WordsByMe
Bela Grescho paid $249 for a new Email Design and received 30 designs from 12 Designers.
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Communications Email Design required by WordsByMe By Bela Grescho

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Note : Design brief last updated on 28 April, 2018
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Communications Email Design required by WordsByMe

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I'm a freelance native Hungarian translator. On a regular basis, EDM letters are sent out to potential B2B translation offices offering my services. I need to prepare various EDM letters offering my services in editable version. Deliveries thus should be a plain PDF and an editable file like InDesign etc.
Some key elements that has to take note of:
- you have to use my new logo with colorful dots on top, file attached.
- on some upper place you have to place the main message FREELANCE HUNGARIAN TRANSLATOR
- My contact details are seen on the new e-mail footer
- I need to place the tools I"m using, refer to the e-mail footer on the offer, either greyscale or colorful version. you can get a higher quality of those logos from the company web sites though.
- need to have a visually visible on top text saying get a quote
- text can be see in previous offers
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