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Basketball Logo Design required
Marion Moore paid $99 for a new Logo Design and received 50 designs from 31 Designers.
Marion Moore United States
“ Logo created! Process was explained well and the flow was easy to follow. Designer's were responsive and there was no shortage of submissions from designers across the globe. Ensure you detail your request and ensure any designs you do not like are eliminated or request a rework. No issues with process and look forward to putting our logo to use. ”

Basketball Logo Design required By Marion Moore

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Note : Design brief last updated on 8 October, 2018
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Basketball Logo Design required

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Logo to look savage. Gladiator, sword, shield and we will use inner circle of shield as location for the jersey number. Our intent is not to show our team name, just the savagery of a gladiator image ready for war. Our team and organization is named after Flamma, a famous gladiator. Flamma was actually a Secutor gladiator, but the helmet is hard to make look badass, but an open to options. The Secutor shield is also more of a rectangle type and would be open to that variation as well. No Spartan type plum on the top of the helmet. Any sword options, but example I butchered is attached.

Logo can be in the following (2) colors with transparent background:

Hex Color: #000000;
RGB: (6,25,34)
CMYK: (30,0,0,100)

Hex Color: #B4975A;
RGB: (180,151,90)
CMYK: (20,30,70,15)

We are a boys AAU basketball team. This logo used for our site ( and be used for the front of our jerseys. As stated, we will use the inner circle of the shield for placement of the number. The site logo will simply not reflect the number within the inner circle of the shield. No name required, we want people to ask, "who is this team?". The one's with the badass jerseys. No basketball image required within the logo.

Think badass :)
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