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Yoga Logo Design required by Emerald Earth Yoga
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Yoga Logo Design required by Emerald Earth Yoga By Christine Martin

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Note : Design brief last updated on 3 June, 2017
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Yoga Logo Design required by Emerald Earth Yoga

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Emerald Earth Yoga
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Just for reference - my business has not officially launched yet but will be launching this summer.

I would like my logo to look clean and pretty simple but also clever - I like when designs use an image incorporated cleverly with the business name or image pertaining to the business (example: lotus flower with a person doing a pose where the lotus flower is part of the legs - or when the Y in "Yoga" is a person doing a pose). I would also like it to be not too literal (doesn't need to incorporate an earth exactly, but if you can incorporate elements of earth that would be good). I would like it to be somewhat abstract but something that reflects Emerald Earth Yoga well and the fact that it's a yoga business. Maybe incorporate the shape of a gemstone in green. I'm definitely open to many different ideas.

My business is primarily an outdoor yoga business because I love being outdoors and people can connect with and lose themselves in nature. This is a world where people are more stressed out than ever and I want to provide some relief. I also will be holding studio and private classes in Frederick, MD for the time being. At this point, my target customer is people in Frederick who are looking to spend some more time outside or in a studio doing yoga to relieve themselves of some stress and in general enjoy the day. I will also appeal to other yoga instructors who may want photos of themselves or class sequences. My target customers also include this type of person in any place in the world because I will be offering online yoga tutorials as well.

*I will also be offering yoga photography services (pictures of people in their poses that they can use to post on social media, on their own yoga websites, etc) so if you can add something like "Yoga | Yoga Photography" in the logo somewhere I would like to see how that looks.
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