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We are a design and development company, specialized in providing end to end solutions for web and m...

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    We are a design and developmen t company, specialize d in providing end to end solutions for web and mobile platforms. We create highly functional iPhone & Android apps for startups and enterprise clients. From idea to design, developmen t and marketing, we achieve results for our clients and help them grow their businesses . Our team is comprised of talented designers, front and back-end developers , project managers, content writers and online marketers who do their best to achieve the best solution for our clients. We take pride in promoting ourselves as startup specialist s. We have helped 100s of companies find their exclusive logos and exceptiona l branding. We have experience d designers on board to help you nurture your idea and transform into your company's identity. We cater from corporate clients, businesses to individual s serving them with fresh clean and creative designs according to their needs. Our design consultant s fully understand s the requiremen ts of every individual client and help them form their business identity that they are looking for. We look forward to serving you! Team Appearls
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