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Marketa Stengl

I am a Czech surface designer living in Zurich, Switzerland. I create dreamy, calm and sophisticated...

Member since Apr, 2020

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10 items
Stardust Liquid Glitter iPhone CaseStardust
Stardust Liquid Glitter iPhone Case
Moths And Moon Samsung CaseMoths And Moon
Moths and Moon Samsung Case
Moon Phases With Faces Samsung CaseMoon Phases With Faces
Moon Phases with Faces Samsung Case
Blooming Full Moon iPhone CaseBlooming Full Moon
Blooming Full Moon iPhone Case
Dreams Samsung CaseDreams
Dreams Samsung Case
Constellations And Crystals iPhone CaseConstellations And Crystals
Constellations and crystals iPhone Case
New Moon Samsung CaseNew Moon
New Moon Samsung Case
Planet Marionette Samsung CasePlanet Marionette
Planet Marionette Samsung Case
Milky Way Pattern iPhone CaseMilky Way Pattern
Milky Way Pattern iPhone Case
Saturn Spin iPhone CaseSaturn Spin
Saturn Spin iPhone Case
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