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Pizza Box Design
Richard Perales paid $299 for a new Menu Design and received 21 designs from 9 Designers.

Pizza Box Design By Richard Perales

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Note : Design brief last updated on 6 April, 2018
Contest title

Pizza Box Design

What is your organization name?
Brooklyn Pie Co.
Describe what your organization or product does and its target audience
We make the best NY Style Pizza in TX. We offer The GIANT Slice. A large slice of pizza that is about as big as a small pizza. We are family oriented, but a little more hip and with the times.
Select your industry
Describe what you want designed
Our slice is so big it doesn't fit in any slice container. We have to use 12" pizza boxes. We would like to design our box in a way that people know that there is one slice in that 12" box. It needs to be current, include the text, "The GIANT Slice" and our current logo at a minimum. The rest needs to attract attention and let people know that there is a big slice in the box. We need a large graphic on the top of the box and Graphics for the 4 sides of the box. Sides of the box can be reserved for text (locations, web address, phone number, etc.). The more colors on the box, the more expensive it is. Ideally, we can limit the box colors to the colors of our logo (White, Green, Black). If you would like to add more color, please let me know, but as of now, its too expensive for a full color box.
Must include features in your menu design
It must include our logo and some way of conveying that there is a GIANT Slice in the box.
Is there anything that should be avoided?
Avoid any non-family safe designs. Avoid more than 3 colors.

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