Create Limited Edition Energy Drink Design for 4th of July - American Independence Day
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Create Limited Edition Energy Drink Design for 4th of July - American Independence Day By Christopher Wagner

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Note : Design brief last updated on 21 May, 2019
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Create Limited Edition Energy Drink Design for 4th of July - American Independence Day

Select your industry
Food & Drink
What is the name of your company?
REPP Sports
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What is the name of your product?
RAZE Energy
Describe activities of your organization or product and targeted audience.
RAZE /rāz/
completely destroy (a building, town, or other site).

A lightly carbonated, brain-boosting drink that delivers unparalleled energy & focus with added electrolytes for refreshing hydration.

We wanted more out of an energy drink, so we decided to make our own. Each ingredient is selected for its unique role in our RE(FRESH) technology. It’s just better than any energy drink you’ve tried.

Demand more. RAZE your expectations.

RAZE’s secret is our RE(FRESH) Technology. What is RE(FRESH) Technology?

It’s an R&D philosophy that incorporates ingredients hand selected for their support of the 5 pillars to performance – Focus, Recovery, Energy, Stamina, Hydration – FRESH.

Every ingredient in RAZE is an embodiment of RE(FRESH).
Describe who would typically use your product
Extreme athletes, sleepless students, single mothers in the morning, busy businessmen, or anybody who demands crystalline focus & smooth energy in a delicious & refreshing beverage. Formulated to meet the needs of every energy drink connoisseur.
What styles would you like designers to explore?
Describe what you want designed
Limited Edition Flavor for 4th of July - American Independence Day.
EDIT: Please read contest announcements for updates on our direction after internal polling on design submissions.

- Flavor name is Apollo Rocket. The flavor will emulate the popular Popsicle "firecracker".

- This product will be a limited release flavor available around July 4th.

- It will be widely distributed in thousands of American convenience stores, GNCs, as well as specialty supplement shops (see,
We are also distributed internationally, with a huge following in Australia & Latin America.

- We want an American Patriotic theme design for July 4th - American Independence Day. The central theme of this can will be strong American Patriotism. Think 4th of July, Independence Day, Statue of Liberty, American Flag, fireworks. Americana feeling. Modern, clean, yet battle worn. Our brand is "larger than life" so you can get creative with the aesthetic/imagery.

- This can does not need to follow the format of our previous cans. You have a pretty big amount of freedom to dictate design/layout provided you retain the important selling points listed below.

- The important elements we'd like to see incorporated in the front panel are the central "R" logo (our identity is tied to this large central R), Zero Sugar selling point, an easy to locate placement for the flavor name (see project files for example of how flavor/ingredient highlight is done around the top of the can in our core line - you should closely emulate this so customers can feel confident about 1) what flavor they're getting and 2) this is still the same formula). You can get creative with placement/format, but we need these points to be visible

- We're actively looking to redesign the area on the right panel of the can that contains product copy, even in our core line. The central message we'd like to retain is communicating the FRESH acronym (Focus, Recovery, Energy, Stamina, Hydration). You can cut/rearrange these elements as long as you deliver the acronym.

- Color scheme should be Red, White, Blue. I want the immediate impression of the can to be overwhelmingly American.

- We'd like to include our #RAZERebellion flag into the design (

- Possibly incorporate "space" themes to complement the flavor name. American Independence Day should still be the central focus of the design, but outer space/space exploration would be a great complimenting detail. Think maybe a star field around the top of the can that the central design fades into. Or perhaps incorporate an APOLLO rocket into the vertical space that our RE(FRESH) copy occupies on the right panel of the can. (Don't take these suggestions as literal requirements - just want to give an idea of what I mean by a detail to complement the flavor name)

- Incorporating some sort of details that highlight the "limited" nature of this design/flavor would be awesome. Think along the lines of "numbered" limited release cans i.e. "1/400" that give a feeling of exclusivity. (We will not be able to actually print "numbered" cans, so don't incorporate that directly, but again think along these lines)

Any helpful content you want to provide to designers for your packaging design.
See attached files for visual inspiration.

Design can be as elegant as the budweiser statue of liberty can, or as crazy as reagan riding a velociraptor - you just need to convey the feeling of America.

The picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger smiling is what this drink should make you feel like.

The drink will taste like the attached popsicle image.

The FRESH copy area is placed on the back of the can, near the supplement facts on our core line. We are actively looking to redesign this area. You have full freedom to cut out chunks of text, change the format, whatever you think is best. We simply want to communicate the FRESH acronym.

The attached screenshot of the flavor & ingredient highlights is where the flavor is placed in our core line, and the accompanying ingredient highlight around the top of the can. We feel any new designs should closely emulate this format/placement at the top of the can to allow customers to easily identify the flavor, as well as feel assured that this is still the same formula, just a limited time flavor.
Visual Brief - Color
Other colors: Red, White, and Blue - American Patriotism

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