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Looking for photo designers to edit photos
George paid $199 for a new Photoshop Design and received 55 designs from 22 Designers.
George United States
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Looking for photo designers to edit photos By George

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Note : Design brief last updated on 4 December, 2018
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Looking for photo designers to edit photos

Select your industry
Describe your Photoshop design requirements
Attached 4 photos.

two auto lights photos
one is 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 headlight, and the other photo is 2007-2014 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban headlight

Need to edit/clip the two original photos into a pair lights (left and right side) images. The final has to be similar or better than the two photos that are attached showing Imotorsports logo which I provided to you as a sample.
Must include features in photoshop design
1. make the Infiniti headlight led's light up in the edited image.
2. Tahoe light is the OE light you don't need to light up in the edited image
3. remove bracket for the Infiniti light
4. enhance the chrome and black housing on both lights.
5. remove background for both lights
6. Make headlight lens more transparent on both lights
7. new image must show a pair of lights. (flip the image to create a left and right side light)
Your great ideas
similar to the imotorsports attached file
Things you do not want included in photoshop design
background, brackets, wiring
Specific consumer market your are targeting
Male, age 18-45,
Visual Brief - Color
Other colors: Your choice
Visual Brief - Font
Other fonts: your choice
Required file format (Photoshop Design)
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