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By 99degree pro
Apparel T-Shirt Design required
Tbl Group paid $149 for a new T-Shirt Design and received 39 designs from 18 Designers.
Tbl Group United States
“ Thank you for your hard work ”
By 99degree pro

Apparel T-Shirt Design required By Tbl Group

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Note : Design brief last updated on 10 April, 2019
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Apparel T-Shirt Design required

Who is the t-shirt for?
  • (1) Men
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Description and purpose of your apparel
Hello for this contest, I would like a custom shirt that features a reaper on a horse. I would like for the inspiration behind this project to be the style of the headless horseman, sleepy hollow. If possible, I would like to see City of Los Angeles style type buildings in the background. I want the design to be on the back side of the t-shirt. Also, I want the color of the shirt to be black. I'm open to different colors being used on the design itself. Please see attached images for reference of desired concepts. Thank you for your time.
What kind of t-shirt do you want designed?
  • Standard Short-sleeve Tshirt
What is required on the t-shirt?
Black shirt, & I would like our logo to be on the front of the shirt, small size near upper left side of chest. Please see attached logo that we want on front of the shirt.
Is there anything that should be avoided?
I would like to see custom made vector graphics, no copy and paste of real images. Also no fonts on the back of the shirt.
Visual Brief - Style
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