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By San pro
Insurance Website Design required
Lloyd Polmateer paid $2099 for a new Website Design and received 104 designs from 42 Designers.
“ Design Hill was very responsive and helpful whenever we chatted online for help. ”
By San pro

Insurance Website Design required By Lloyd Polmateer

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Note : Design brief last updated on 17 November, 2018
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Insurance Website Design required

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Benefits are likely the largest expense on a business owner's corporate balance sheet. A 5-10% increase in the cost of health benefits is pretty standard, every single year. That’s an increase business owners will have to absorb or pass on to employees. But the yearly rise of the benefits cost curve is not a given. Benecurv is a benefits optimizer whose mission is to reduce or stabilize that curve to yield multi-year savings for businesses -- often enhancing benefits to employees at the same time.
benecurv started as FBC. We are re-branding it. Here is a link to a place holder website that you can steal copy for your design purposes.
This site was built on Godaddy's site builder very quickly and it has very little functionality. Feel free to reinterpret symbols, and images - we are not looking to get a site that looks and feels the same as the FBC site. We are looking for a clean site with more functionality. Ideally, our choice would be to work with a designer who, once the winner is awarded, can also develop our site on a wordpress platform. But if that is not possible, it won't be a deal breaker for the right design.
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Onedigital puts a very human and friendly face to the health benefits business.

Zenefits make the technology piece of health benefits fun and engaging
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