Waterboard Rentals Website Design required
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Waterboard Rentals Website Design required By Kristin Ziemer

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Waterboard Rentals Website Design required

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Bike Surfr'n
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Bike Surf'n rents out Hobie Mirage Eclipse boards and Redshark bikes. The hobie mirage eclipse board is a stand up pedal board and the redshark bike is a bike on a surfboard that allows you to pedal like a bike.
I would like to have pictures with rental rates and a spot to add demo and video of people riding
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Other : Waterboard Rentals
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easy to understand and navigate
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Hours- Sunday-Saturday 8am-8pm Phone Number 1-845-705-0102 Email

Bike Surf'n introduces a new category of on-the-water-fun. Our waterboards allow our peddler to simply step on and pedal away.
Mirage Eclipse / RedShark

Stand tall on the water aboard the Mirage Eclipse OR Sit on the water aboard the RedShark.
These intuitive and stable waterboards allow you to move along at an incredible speed with just your leg power.
Once your on you’ll fly high at exceptional speed, nimbly carving turns using fingertip steering controls. There’s minimal setup. Go from the car, the dock or your boat to the water in minutes. Cruise solo, with your partner or with a group. Our Bike Surf'n waterboards take fitness out of the gym and onto the water and under the sun!


4 HOUR RENTALS - REDSHARK Single $75 Couple $100




DAILY RENTALS REDSHARK (10hrs) Singles $150 Couples $200

WEEKEND RENTALS MIRAGE ECLIPSE (48hrs) Single$199 Couple$250

WEEKEND RENTALS REDSHARK (48hrs) Single $250 Couples$299

We are a family owned business sharing a one of-a-kind-expierience. We offer Free pick up/delivery service within 15miles of Hyde Park, NY 12538 and most Marinas.

Super Bonus Feature: You can also use this as a regular paddle board by just locking the rudder fins in place and taking off the handle attachment. Can you say win, win win!

FAQ'S:Do you offer transportation?Yes, FREE.. to and from within 15 miles of Hyde Park, NY and most Marinas.

Where can I go?
Wherever you like! We do not restrict you, which allows you to explore Lakes, Rivers, Coves and Creeks on your terms and comfort level.

How does the Hobie Mirage Eclipse work?The pedals you step on drive fins underneath the board. The fins move back and forth to propel you and the board forward. There are left and right turn controls on the handle bars. The handles have a cable connected to the rear rudder. There is no reverse. There are no brakes. Don't worry. You won't need them. After 5 minutes, you will be able to navigate the board. After 60 minutes, you will be a pro.How does the redshark bike work?The pedals are connected to a propeller that spins underneath with a rudder that moves when you use the handlebars.
How hard is it to learn to ride on the Hobie Mirage Eclipse/Redshark?It will take 5 minutes to learn how to use the Mirage Eclipse. It will take an additional 5 min for inflating Redshark. We make sure every customer knows how to use the equipment and enjoy their time on the water.
1 - Step up - we show you how to get on and off the waterboard.2 - Start stepping or pedal - the step action is easy and natural.3 - Make your turns - we will show you how easy it is to turn left and right on the Mirage Eclipse. When stopping slow down your stepping. Redshark rides like a bike on a surfboard. Turn handlebars for steering. Pedal backwards for slowing down.4 - Small wakes, no problem - we show you how to cut through small waves5 - Make a safe landing - we show you how to step/pedal in shallow waters as you approach your landing.
Is it hard to balance on the Mirage Eclipse/Redshark?No. Not at all. The Mirage Eclipse/Redshark boards are 12 feet long (3.66 m) and 35 inches wide (0.89 m). The average width of a SUP is 30 inches making them a little harder to balance.

Do you get a good workout on the Mirage Eclipse/Redshark?Yes. It is great excercise. The Mirage Eclipse/Redshark will burn an average of 500-600 calories an hour. You will get your heart rate up. You will strenghten all leg muscles, glute muscles and core muscles. Balancing on the water (although very easy on the Eclipse board) will keep you focused and present in the moment.

How fast can I go on the Mirage Eclipse/Redshark?Very fast. You can run a few sprints and get up to 5 knots. You can keep a nice strong pace and average 2.5 knots. You can relax and still and average 1.5 knots. Either way, because you are using the strength of your legs, glutes and core muscles you will be able to explore more of the harbor and water front because you will be able to travel faster than a sit in kayak or a SUP.

Is it relaxing to ride the Mirage Eclipse/Redshark?You will be able to answer this question as soon as we launch you on your first ride. The Hobie Mirage Eclipse/ Redshark waterboards cut through the water effortlessly. Stress will just dissolve as you watch the water cut across the nose of the board. Birds will fly past you. Fish will swim beneath you. Explore the water front and connect with nature. Yes it is very relaxing.

Can kids ride the waterboards? Yes,Kids are welcome. LIFE Vest Provided must be worn. If they are tall enough to see over the handle bars and their arms are long enough to reach both the handles at the same time, then they will be able to drive the Eclipse board. Redshark riders need to be able to reach the pedals. They need to be accompanied by an adult while they are on the board. Kids that are just riding along are also welcome. There is a roomy padded deck to the rear of the board.

Bike Surf'n Rental Agreement Policies

These rules and guidelines are for your safety as well as that of our staff. Please review these policies before you book a rental with us. Safety is our number one priority. Following these guidelines ensures that everyone remains safe and has fun! These regulations are developed for ON SITE daily rentals for individuals. Group Rentals, Off Site Rentals, Weekly Rentals and Events have additional guidelines.

Rental Guidelines

It is vital that when renting from Bike Surf'n you follow the procedures and guidelines for our Mirage Eclipses and redshark. Every renter will be required to sign a waiver prior to departure. All renters under the age of 18, must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. All Mirage Eclipse and redshark rentals are for the use of 1 person. Small children may be permitted to ride with an adult provided the weight limit of the waterboards is not exceeded. All renters must wear PFD’s at all times, failure to wear your PFD will result in termination of your rental with no refund for unused rental time. Security deposits may be required depending on the type of rental.

Weight Limits

Our Mirage Eclipses and redshark bikes have capacity and weight limitations. For your safety, the longevity and integrity of our equipment, please ensure that you do not exceed the weight limits. Damage as a result of misuse or exceeding limits explained below will be at your expense.

Mirage Eclipses: 10.5ft 225 pounds 12ft 275 pounds

RedShark Bike: 400 pounds


PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices) must ALWAYS be worn by all renters! It is Bike Surf'n policy that they must be worn at all times. Failure to follow this procedure, will result in the forfeiture of remaining rental time with no refund for lost time.

Coolers, Alcohol, and Drugs

Small personal coolers are allowed on Bike Surf'n rentals. Coolers should be no bigger than what can easily fit in a crate. Please no full size coolers. Coolers must not interfere with safe waterboard operations or exceed the weight capacity of the waterboards.

The use of drugs or alcohol before or during the rental of a Mirage Eclipse or RedShark is strictly prohibited. Renters agree to refrain from the use of drugs or alcohol during their rental. Bike Surf'n reserves the right to refuse rental to anyone suspect to be under the influence without refund of rental fees.


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time to complete waivers, pick up gear, receive instruction. Bike Surf'n will not extend rental times due to late arrivals, your return time will remain the same as your booked reservation. Management reserves the right to extend the rental return time for departures leaving late due to circumstances beyond the clients control (weather delays, prior client return delays, extended cleaning time). Bike Surf'n offers a 15 minute grace period for the timely return of rentals. Should you be longer than 15 minutes, you will be charged the hour rate plus $ 5.00. Please be considerate of those who may have rented the waterboards after you!


All pets are welcome


Should your rental be cancelled due to weather related issues, you will receive a full refund. For all non-weather-related cancellations, a 25% fee shall apply for cancellations less than 24 hours in advance
Is there anything else you would like to communicate to the designers?
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want it to be catchy and inspirational
Visual Brief - Style
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Visual Brief - Color
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Let designers make suggestions

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