The Designer’s Guide to Creating Social Media Portfolios That Convert

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Last updated on February 12th, 2019

Are you getting clients from social media? If not, then a social media portfolio may be the answer to tapping into networks millions of active users per month. In this post, we’re going to show you how you can turn your top social media profiles into design portfolios that will get you customers.

The Facebook Design Portfolio

On Facebook, you can create a design portfolio with both your Facebook profile and your Facebook page.

Using Your Facebook Profile

To use your profile as a marketing tool for your business, you will first need to ensure that your public Facebook posts are professional. If they are, you can open your Facebook profile up to having followers this will allow people to follow your public updates.


Next, you will want to change your current job title to web designer, graphic designer, logo designer, book cover design professional etc. To do that, go to your profile’s About tab and add a workplace to the Work and Education section.


This change will allow people to discover you in Facebook search.


Once you have done these things, you should start posting photo updates to your Facebook profile whenever you have completed a new design for clients. Post those as public, and link back to your main portfolio or website where people can browse more of your work and contact you.


Using Your Facebook Page

With your Facebook page, you have some more options for creating a portfolio. In addition to posting photo updates to your Facebook page whenever you have completed a new design for clients (linking back to your main portfolio or website), you can create a custom tab / landing page with portfolio items.


You can also use apps like Woobox iFrame app or PageModo custom tabs to create custom tabs like the ones in the example above from Social Identities, contact forms, and more. These custom tabs will draw your Facebook visitors to your work, and ultimately convert them into leads for your design business.

The Twitter Design Portfolio

On Twitter, you will want first to make sure that you have included your design specialty (graphic designer, web designer, book cover designer etc.) in your Twitter bio. This way, people searching for designers can find you in search results.


Your design portfolio on Twitter is comprised of media that you tweet. Each time you tweet a photo or video, it will be added to the Photos and Videos collection in the left sidebar of your profile.


Use this area to your advantage by tweeting photos of completed work for clients. Include a link back to your main portfolio so people can contact you about your work.


The LinkedIn Design Portfolio

LinkedIn is the top professional network, and the best one to connect with customers for your web design business. First, you will want to add your designer title to your professional profile’s headline and current job experience so businesses can find you in LinkedIn search results.


Next, sign up for the LinkedIn Personal Plus plan. This plan allows you to set your profile as open so anyone can view your profile and contact you.

Next, you can add a design portfolio to your LinkedIn professional profile by adding media (images, documents, and presentations) to your profile’s Summary section.


When people browse your LinkedIn profile, they will be able to see your featured work beneath your primary details.


While you can’t include links with your portfolio items, people can contact you directly on LinkedIn to inquire about your services. Be sure to check your LinkedIn messages frequently for leads.

In Conclusion

By using your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles as portfolios, you will be able to attract more customers for your design business. The key is to maintain your professional personal brand and always share your latest work! And, of course, be sure to have a great main portfolio to send potential clients to by signing up for Designhill.

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