Business Brand

How Ready Is Your Business For Becoming A ‘Brand’?

Businesses have to compete fiercely to grab a market share. But they need to market their products or services with a clear strategy. It is only when a business becomes a brand that the competition eases a bit as customers recognize the company and its business. A business, therefore, should make efforts to be a … Continue reading

Grow Your Business

How Ready Are You to Grow Your Business by Outsourcing in 2018! [Quiz]

Last updated on May 14th, 2018 Every Design Agency, Digital Marketer, Ad Agency, Brand Consultant and Printing Firms must attempt this quiz to find out: How To Grow Your Business By Outsourcing In 2018. As An Entrepreneur, Does Your Business Need A New Identity? Outsource your graphic design projects at Designhill and receive 100+ graphic … Continue reading


Which Successful Entrepreneur Are You ? [Quiz]

Last updated on January 24th, 2018 Which successful entrepreneur are you most similar to? Richard Branson? Steve Jobs, or someone else? This Quiz matches and analyzes your characteristic profiles to some of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs. It will determine the common traits between you and these successful entrepreneurs and will tell you how similar you are to them.   Does … Continue reading