Emerging Logo Design Trends For 2023 And Beyond to Watch Out For

logo design trends

"Logo designers generally follow design trends to create unique designs that relate to the audience. They also like to see what design styles are making rounds. In 2023, some logo trends will be popular, with designers developing new design ideas."

A trendy logo catches our attention since it's a new design idea. Since brands look for attention-catching ways, they usually want to create logos in popular styles. Remember that even classic logos were created based on the trends of those times. 

Still, experts say that following a design trend is not a good idea if you wish to give your logo a unique look. But looking at the design trends means something other than imitating the style. It means that a designer should be aware of the trends. With such ideas, a designer can know how to stand out in a niche market. 

Even when you use logo templates, considering logo trends benefits as you can apply different trending elements to create unique ideas. 

  • Here are major logo design trends emerging in 2023

  • Futuristic Glitch Effect

    Giving logos a glitch effect is an emerging trend that is likely to continue in 2023 and the coming years. Such a design gives the impression that something is not functioning properly. But with a glitch effect design, brands can make a lasting memorable impression.

    A famous example is the Tik Tok logo, which has logo colors away from the letter t. Viewers think of taking those colors as a glitch or some design error. But that is the crucial design feature of the logo. This generates a lot of interest in the logo and brand. You have a unique logo as your company’s core identity. 

    Source: Motion Array

    Designers use glitch effects not just on letter marks but also on wordmarks, pictorials, and icons. With appealing colors, these logos stand out from competitors' logos in any niche. 

  • Geometric Patterns

    Geometric patterns are likely to dominate logo design trends in 2023. This is because these designs are easier to explore and have more scope for creativity. Geometric patterns in logos are also a great way to enhance the perception of a brand. Shapes such as triangles and squares appear in many forms, such as merged with line art or stripes. 

    The logos of Adobe, HSBC, and Mitsubishi are some examples of the use of geometric patterns and shapes. The designers will experiment more with patterns in the coming years by merging them with negative space or icons. Such patterns are already being used by finance, sports, and tech companies to convey their brand message.

  • Use of gradients

    Another new logo design trend spotted is using gradients. Most designers opt for color gradients to express their creative ideas. This element also helps in making a lasting impression. The colors are a great way to drive people’s attention instantly to a design. By using colors, designers can make a custom logo stand out against any background.

    The use of colors also gives the designers the liberty to choose hues or gradients depending on brand requirements. They can bring focus to their brand message using the hues. 

  • Twisted typography

    The designers intend to catch the attention by recreating letters by giving them a new twist. So, under these emerging trends, many logos appear with twisted typography. Of course, both wordmarks and letter marks across all industries have such distorted use of typography. But technology, fashion, and media brands are particularly fond of such online logo design.

    With this logo design trend, a logo has letters shaped as objects, lines, or waves. Such creative use of the letters makes the logo appear timeless and modern. This trend might last many years since brands must catch people's attention by looking unique. The designers mix distorted typography also to create a minimalist business logo design.

    The importance of logos is in their ability to turn heads towards their unique design. In turn, it helps in driving traffic to a brand.

  • Muted color palettes

    One of the logo design trends emerging this year is muted colors. Many organic food brands already have their visuals in muted colors. Hues such as pale blue or green, pale pink, and light brown have a soothing effect.

    Also, muted colors in logos and other visuals last for many years. People find hues appealing to their senses as these muted colors don’t overwhelm them. So, with the hues in logos, people are likely to check out the products or services of the brand. Moreover, hues give a logo and brand a sophisticated and elegant look.

  • Add motion to the design

    Logos with some movement and speed look unique and drive attention instantly.

    For this reason, this trend may continue to rule supreme in the coming years. You can incorporate dynamic movements in logos of all industries, including financial and media.

    Using movement in logos and other brand visuals across websites, merchandise, t-shirts, mugs, etc., helps drive potential customers’ attention. This trend will last many more years due to its ability to catch the eye.

  • The disappearing effect

    Some logo designers have created the disappearing effect. This trend is about a letter of the company name in the logo appearing as fading away. People can quickly spot such a logo and keep that in mind. They continue to think about that logo due to the one letter fading away. But the disappearing effect can also be applied to a logo shape, lines, and icons.

    These logos are also simple designs that make their mark immediately. People like such logos that they can grasp them instantly at first glance. Consumers take more interest in viewing unique, simple logos with some design specialty.

    Logo designers find the disappearing effect as a tool to drive attention to icons or symbols. The fading text also looks impressive for computing, gaming, entertainment, and tech logos.

  • Use of Retro Imagery

    Retro design elements have already made a comeback. But its use is growing in 2023 with the logo designers incorporating imagery from the bygone era. Moreover, experts opine that this trend will likely continue in the coming years. This is because consumers connect instantly with elements from their past.

    A reason behind the use of retro imagery is brands want to tell more through a logo or other designs. They also want to evoke feelings of nostalgia. The food industry, farming, manufacturing, and construction industries particularly explore retro imagery in logos. Retro imagery also effectively conveys a brand story. It helps build a positive brand perception

  • Keeping it simple

    Simplicity is always an advisable tip that a designer gets from professionals with many years of experience. But simplicity is also a design trend, with the phrase ‘less is more’ as the motivation of the design.

    Consumers can build rapport with a simple logo design. They can connect with the logo easily. Such logos engage people and even turn them into a brand’s customers. Most global logos are excellent examples of simple logos.

    These major logo design trends will likely dominate in 2023 and in the coming years. But you should pick a trend carefully, considering your brand personality and message.

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Wrapping Up

Logo design trends change frequently, but some persist for years. In 2023, the top trends will be the chief trends in the simplicity of the logos, creating a glitch effect, adding movement, muted colors, and twisted typography. These design tactics will be in use to drive attention and convey the brand message.

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