The Monochrome Life

PrintShop is here again with a brand new collab project- B&W, featuring five star artists from around the world who have collaborated with us. We are glad to introduce to you some of their best black and white artworks created exclusively for PrintShop. Simple or bold, minimalism or maximalism, loud or muted, this classic collaboration has it all. It’s a compilation of thoughts, moods, and life experiences that are unique to each of these artists, illustrated using monochromatic palettes and are ready to blow our minds.


Love your wilderness

Embrace adventure. That’s what this series of black and white artworks talks about. It instantly energizes and sparks a feeling of joy in those who love coffee and are fond of traveling to the mountains. Through these, the artist is trying to convey a message or bring out what’s on his mind in a creative style. Bold lettering and typography combined with simple hand drawings has turned every piece into a real artwork that’s thought-provoking. It gets you in the mood of exploration and some adventure.
Born in Indonesia and residing in Surakarta, Mohamad Eksanto is a hand lettering artist whose aim is to amaze people with his artworks that can work as a therapy for them. He believes that life is an adventure and that’s why he is too much influenced by things- mountains and travel that symbolize this thought.

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A Tale of Emotions

An assortment of art pieces symbolizing how someone with Aspergers interprets the world. Every artwork in this collection, created by Emerson is a true reflection of his skill, hard work and ambition that is involved to encourage those born with disabilities. Moreover, the combination of black and white adds more power to the collection and emphasizes on the story behind every illustration.
Born in Culver City, California and currently living in Los Angeles, Emerson is a polymath and multi-talented artist- a graphic designer, tattoo designer, and photo editor. He loves creating monochrome art that tells a story or depicts emotions. Emerson’s inspiration comes from his past life when he dealt with bullying that motivated him to create art for self-healing and venting out the pain inside him. Every artwork is a reflection of thoughts that come to his mind and how he feels every day.

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The Beauty in dead

As Mantas calls, it is his first official mini capsule collection of designs. Worked in monochrome, these artworks are centered on dark art and redefine occult art. The skull-inspired graphics don't look scary anymore, instead look quite cool. That’s how the motifs have been projected. Seamless skull pattern, the rogue side of a skull in COVID times, the Easter skull, dotted skull, and the wild side of a cat in a vintage look, all these with a message are the subject of his art, the dark art.
Mantas Tamošaitis belongs to a small village Micai?iai in Lithuania and currently resides in the capital Vilnius. He has always been into drawing. He used to collect anime stickers and draw them in his sketchbook. That’s when it all started. Mantas finds skulls interesting to draw. So he mostly uses skull art to convey a message or his moods, but in an extremely unusual way.

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Simplifying the Complicated

Simplifying the complicated and complicating the simple. What can explain it better than this collection which is a compilation of striking illustrations done in black and white and styled with intricate detailing. From pet art to flying doodles, random fauna to a mix of flora and fauna, every piece of art reflects efforts and so much of hard work that has been put in to make it work. So let us call it ‘doodling, but with a purpose.’
James Piodos is an emerging doodler from Cebu, Philippines. He has been passionate about watching anime since he was a kid. Drawing characters from Dragon Ball Z helped him develop an interest and skills in being an artist.

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Clarity in Minimalism

This exclusive art series by Yarden is influenced by minimalist art- basic shapes, classic combination of black and white, and simplicity in graphics with superfine detailing. This collection is a clear representation of the artist’s own style and his love for those elements that he has used in each piece of artwork. Sketches of flora and fauna, simple and sleek botanical, geometrical shapes, exotic desserts, goddesses, and whatever one can think of finds a place in these illustrations.
Yarden Shaul is a 26 year old illustrator and graphic designer born and residing in Israel. He is one of those artists who hold a genuine interest in tattoo designing. He started sketching when he was in school and gradually fell in love with this form of art, wishing to become a tattoo artist. His intense love for art and nature, and people asking him to design tattoos for them are enough to inspire him.

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