Bohemian Rhapsody

PrintShop invites you to explore our newest collaboration project, a curated artwork collection which takes cues from bohemian and hippie inspiration. Created by eight global artists, this art series caters to the free-spirited and artistic sensibility of the wandering souls who are spiritual, full of life, and find positivity in everything. From traditional to contemporary mandalas in a bright and monochrome palette to playful typography with boho-inspired elements, discover an assortment of illustrations, highlighting the spiritual element in an artistic way and inspiring in many beautiful ways. So, let’s give you a quick peek into this incredible art gallery for a real boho experience.

Mandalas of Divinity

The significance of Mandalas extends beyond the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Not only for the viewers, but they also work as a therapy for the artists, who’re exploring the power of this art form to convey many things. This art collection with intricate mandala circles and vivid patterns in monochrome and colorful shades has been thoughtfully designed. The focus is on the positive vibes that are trying to push the viewers back to life, allowing their minds and bodies to heal.
Chaitanya Akula is a traditional artist from Bangalore. He has an extreme passion for art and ensures he is sketching something every day else the day is a waste. This, in itself, is an inspiration for him that’s driving him closer to his love and passion for art with each passing day. When it comes to creating mandala patterns, Chaitanya considers the process very meditative and therapeutic for the mind and a brilliant way to put his thoughts and ideas to life, bringing them in front of the people.

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Bohemian Quotes

This art series with vibrant dancing quotes is all about positive vibes and reminds of the free-spirit attitude of the Bohemians. Every illustration in this collection features a lovely background with design elements, such as dream catchers, traditional art, feathers, flowers and sparkle, giving out motivational messages and inspiring the viewers to follow their hearts, and live life to the fullest without any fear.
Felicia is a creative letterer from the Philippines who’s passionate about experimenting with letters and loves reading quotes. She thoroughly enjoys making colorful and creative letters to encourage aspiring artists and inspire other people to create. Through her hand lettering and typography skill, Felicia focuses on sharing hopefulness and cheerfulness with the world.

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The Fusion Mandalas

The long lost mandala art takes us in a whole new world of exploration where the beauty of the intricate mandala design gets a twist. From motifs to patterns, enjoy both traditional and contemporary art styles recreated by the artist, keeping the spirituality and mystical vibes intact and making the art form look extraordinary.
Himani Mehta is a Mumbai-based artist. She describes herself as an interior architect by degree, graphic designer by profession, and an artist by soul. She is a creative person and specialist in mandala art. Since she was a kid, she has been into art and crafts that eventually grew up as her passion. Himani loves to explore and challenges herself to create out of the box art.


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Dig your Inner Hippie

“Life’s so much simpler when you don’t care.” Don’t you feel so? Sometimes people get caught up in a feeling worried about what others think and fail to realize their self-confidence. This boho-inspired collection with stylized typography illustrations shining bright with bohemian elements reiterates that to live life happily, freely, and to the fullest, one needs to stop caring and worrying about ‘others.’
Raditya Raharjo is a typography artist from Surakarta, Indonesia, who’s greatly inspired by Sony Wicaksana, a freelance illustrator and digital painter. What’s in his heart reflects in his artworks too. He uses simple and clean letters in a monochrome palette to create powerful and intriguing typography illustrations.

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The Hippie Fonts

Explore Shaine’s selection of bohemian quotes and famous phrases that inspire to live freely. Every piece in this art series boasts of its simple aesthetics yet succeeds in leaving a strong impression on the viewers. Talking about the palette, it leans primarily on muted color tones to give a slight pop of color to the whole look.
Meet Shaine, the artist behind the art series- The Hippie Fonts. She is a medical laboratory science student from the Philippines but has a passion for art, especially hand and digital lettering. She drew inspiration from her mother, who was a teacher. She believed in the concept of creative teaching. And followed an artistic approach by designing hand lettered visual aids to make learning a fun activity for her students. Seeing her mother engage in a creative process for years encouraged her to pursue the skill.


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Fonts of the Free Spirited

This series of quotes is here to spread some good energy and emphasizes how important it is to spend time with yourself and appreciate little things in life that make a big difference. Think about taking long walks, simple life, feeling free, and exploring nature. Try to disconnect yourself from the world for some time. Let the bohemianism guide your heart. It’s worth trying.
Created by Steph, the collection showcases hand-lettered artwork with free-spirited fonts, some with an overlapping text design and nature illustrations in the most beautiful and simplest way.
Bohemian at heart, Steph Honey is a lettering artist based in Loughborough, UK. She is the founder and creative designer of Dear Charlie, a lettering studio. She takes inspiration from nature. Not only is she a hand-letterer, but she also teaches people how to do it and educates them about typography. Steph always had a passion for words and feels that something is fascinating about how letters connect with each other. She describes the process of transforming words into creative art pieces as therapeutic that gets her into a meditative zone.


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Wild and Free

‘Wild and Free’ is the theme of this artwork collection that inspires a sense of bohemianism as a way of life. Infused with bold and playful words with a splash of color and hidden meanings, the collection is a visual representation of feelings and emotions of a bohemian soul. It’s nothing more, nothing less, just perfect! And we love it!
Syaeful Bakhri is a hand lettering and calligraphy artist residing in Cirebon City, West Java, Indonesia. He calls himself a focused and creative person who has been drawing since he was a child, and that’s where his artistic inspiration comes from. His portfolio comprises typography-based artworks full of life, creativity, and instantly uplifts the viewer’s mood.

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The Boho-Chromatic Mandala

The modern mandalas and lively letters in a striking color palette have been combined to reflect the true bohemian spirit. Look at this art collection of the powerful mandala symbols and step into a world of colors, representing different meanings and personifying the boho attitude. Red for energy and passion; Green for nature and groundedness; Pink for femininity and love; Purple for spirituality; Blue for healing and peace; White for purity and consciousness; and Black for power.
The creator of this fantastic collection is Yaraseth Arriaza, who is a lettering artist from Guatemala. To her, art is a creative way that lets her express herself, and by using strokes and letters in varied shapes, colors, she can portray her emotions. This is something that greatly motivates her to follow the path of typography and lettering. And every single day, she aims at learning new things and strives to get better at her skill.

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The Graffiti Letters

This art series is like a dose of inspiration that beautifully captures the graffiti-inspired letters in the artist’s own style. Illustrated in warm colors with subtle gradient effects, every piece of art in this collection mimics the emotions and thoughts of a Bohemian, inspiring others to unshackle from sheepism, think freely, stay positive, and live differently.
Sebastian Juhos, from Bratislava, Slovakia, is an artist who specializes in creating hand lettering and calligraphy artworks. He is greatly influenced by graffiti and it shows in his work. Some of his finest pieces include themed calligraphy illustrations with vivid use of bold letters and beautiful graphics in an unusual color palette. Through this collaboration, Sebastian aims at spreading his art and sharing it with people.


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